SCEE CEO talks about the future of PS4, Sony phones and plans for Gaikai

Sony entered the video game business 20 years ago, when the project of bringing the CD to a Nintendo led to his own machine. Today, PlayStation is one of the major gaming brands and recognizable in the industry and is about to welcome a new member in the family: PlayStation 4 (PS4).
The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), Jim Ryan, recently visited Spain to speak on this release, the development strategy of the company and trends in the world of video games, such as the emergence of the social component in the consoles, mobile competition or the imminent arrival of cloud gaming services.

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tigertron1772d ago

Wish someone asked him why we have to wait another two weeks...

Bundi1772d ago

Cause sony loves America more. Duhdoi.

Mr_cheese1772d ago

Sony seem to be merging all of their technolo now, rather than sending each piece of tech out on its own. It's a much better system as everything will be connected to each other and hopefully make it a lot better to use.

Ps4- phone- vita and hopefully the tv's

ravinash1772d ago

I would imagine it's only a matter of time for the TV's to get the tech used in the PS VITA TV device.
It's just a step up from the smart TVs you currently get.
Plus with Gaikai...thats a good selling point for their TVs.

Vanna1772d ago

That is a really good point,
smart tv becoming even smarter

XisThatKid1772d ago

Genius TVs, Greatness TVs, Beyond TVs.

1772d ago
SaveFerris1772d ago

Does anyone know if European PS4 units will come with the PSN store credit and the Music Unlimited trial?

talhat21772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

They haven't announced anything yet for Europe :(. It's just for America for now.

SaveFerris1772d ago

Hopefully SCEE will throw us a bone