Upgrading from Xbox 360 to Xbox One - seven things you need to do

OXM UK - "We're so close. So very close in fact, I found myself eyeing up my Xbox 360 over the weekend, pondering where it would go after the Xbox One inevitably takes its place in my TV unit."

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Excalibur1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Lame list.

#6. Check out the possibilities of 4K TV.
Why would I invest in a 4k Tv when the Xbox One can't even run 1080p properly?

UncleGermrod1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

wow, your a smart one harrold...good stab at all the xbots schnarf! Maybe for the movies? ever think of that? PS4 won't output 4k for games either. And I would love to sit you 4 feet back from a 46 inch tv and ask you to tell me the 1080 native vs upscaled. Also, most lower reso is prob result of growing pains and maybe driver issues. but no, you're right, we should all read articles which we have no interest in, and then when we're done, we can all spew negativity and irrelevant garbage all over the comments.

Or, or, we could get a job and get both. now that's an idea!!

Edit: I am not some disillusioned fanboy either, because I do realize that inevitably, some games are going to end up running lower reso on xbox one, but the upscale will be just fine for most. My point really would be that games like Ghosts should prob hit 1080, but we'll see down the line.

I think if you have the money, your should get both at some point during the console generation.

Robdeagle1625d ago

I agree with all but the last line and that's only because I don't have time to have both, so I'm starting with what better suits me my my gaming needs and that would be a Xbox One. I'm sure I'll eventually get a PS4 down the road like I did this gen but I prefer Xbox over PS.

And yes I've Been on this website a while now so I'm ready for all the disagrees for choosing Xbox over PS.

mistertwoturbo1625d ago

It's going to be upscaled to 4K. It's the same thing right.


3-4-51625d ago

1.) Buy PS4

2.) still play xbox 360 until it gets old / boring ( 1-3 years from now.

3.) Profit.

I love my 360......

I've never Not wanted a next gen console like I don't want the XB1...

Been with xbox since 2002....Kind of sad to see what it's become. Not all bad...just too many "half-truths".

Nintenja1624d ago

If you haven't heard. The Xbox One does more than just play games. :p

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PsylentKiller1625d ago

I wonder how an HDMI splitter would work with the XB1?

Plug the TV, PS4, Apple TV into the splitter and then the OUT into the XB1.

What do say to the Kinect if the HDMI in isn't from the cable box?

brandon5071625d ago

What if you split or output hdmi from your Xbox one and plug it back into you Xbox ones hdmi input. Will it explode or can I switch to "watch tv" and play Xbox on that. ;) think about it.

PsylentKiller1625d ago

Lol. As soon as I know I can return the XB1 to the store and get a replacement right away, I will be trying this b

UncleGermrod1625d ago

I wonder, but I would think maybe down the line they will actually have support for HDMI pigtails or even release their own. I would think the software would need a way of managing multiple inputs. Also you could use a switch on the pigtail to simply select which signal you want to throughput to the console...this would likely work at launch.

Playstationologist1625d ago

FYI most of us are going from 360 to ps4. I mean, let's be honest. I'm just saiyan.

Death1625d ago

My "most of us" what select group of people are you referring to? Most of my friends are getting an Xbox One first, but I wouldn't say most Xbox 360 users are getting an Xbox One, just the small group that I know. That is hardly a big enough sample to throw out a conclusion like that.

Elit3Nick1625d ago

It's the same with mine

4Sh0w1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"Playstationologist" is defecting from 360 to ps4, who would of guessed that with a name and comment history filled with these type of comments?:

Playstationologist   ;+   12h ago

f***ing XBone 


joined 10 days ago, no you didnt, just new account.

Captain Qwark 91625d ago

i was very pro x1 until today as a matter of fact. mostly though just because i love rpg's and im tired of missing out on them. all the jrpgs i missed on ps3 is not happening this gen.. i know 360 will get a handful until they relaize its another failure in japan then they will be ps4 only. i love the xbox controller, ui, features and a handful of exclusives ( forza, halo, DR3 ) but end of the day, its a gaming console and ps4 will win with games.

AbortMission1625d ago

I honestly don't know anyone who's getting an X1 Lol. Either they don't care or they're getting a PS4

infectedaztec1625d ago

Im getting one. Now you know one person :)

BabyTownFrolics1625d ago

I'm getting one as well, your world view just got a little bit bigger

UncleGermrod1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

You're 3 sweaty friends from high school would prob be a terrible way to gauge this whole thing..just saiyan

AbortMission1625d ago

What's with you fanbabies acting all butthurt over what my friends play Lmao

MysticStrummer1625d ago

No gamer I know in real life wants XB1, and nearly every gamer I know in real life used to play on 360.

PS4 the win.

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Heisenburger1625d ago

The saiyan part actually made me chuckle out loud.

I'm just super Saiyan.

Excalibur1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )


I know I will be, Microsoft and I don't share the same vision of what Next Gen should be.

For anyone that doesn't believe me, feel free to click on my account and you'll see I play on the 360 and the PS3, a quick glance will show you which is my primary system, here's a hint I have a 105775 gs on the 360.

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mcstorm1625d ago

Ive Already sold my front room xbox 360 but Kept All my halo Games and keeping hold of my 360 in the back so there is now a space in my TV stand to put my next xbox one a week on Friday and then ill be Playing Forza 5 all day and night with a bit of KI in the middle.

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