Capcom Vancouver Releases Dead Rising 3 Story Trailer

Microsoft released a Story Trailer for Dead Rising 3.

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4Sh0w988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Ahhh damm this looks like so much fun.

christocolus988d ago

i agree...its going to be cool

XisThatKid987d ago

surprised this actually an exclusive. I think I'd pass but looks really cool though. Like Saints Row of Zombies

urwifeminder988d ago

Classic will be a bunch of laughs see you on coop.

buddymagoo988d ago

looks fun but surprised how poor the graphics look :(

CrossingEden987d ago

Because being able to 10000s of zombies on screen at once is definitely not better than extremely realistic graphics right?

Khajiit86987d ago

Wont be that many. They showed this many zombies in the trailers for the original dead rising and if you played it you know it there was not that many.

look at the end of this. The first trailer for dead rising.

Then look at this dead rising 3 trailer. Ms is bogus.

nasnas76987d ago

@Khajiit86 I guess you haven't seen any gameplay

CrossingEden987d ago

@khajiit86, um have you seen absolutely NO gameplay of this game? Because you seem unbelievably misinformed and/or in complete and utter denial.

P0werVR987d ago

You want compare garphics?! Your PS4 vs my rig BF4...DARE YOU???

BozoLoco987d ago

I've seen Dead Rising 3 in action and played it. I believe there could definitely be 1000s of zombies on screen, and I'm certain I've seen 1000s of zombies on screen.

You can mow over dozens and dozens with lawnmower and the hardware hardly flinches. Not a glitch, freeze and stutter.

If any game is going to showcase the "power of the cloud", it'll be DR3.

metus988d ago

Seriously get a PC if your petty mind needs top notch graphics.... This game looks fun.... Mario was fun as a 2d side scroller.. Still is..

nasnas76987d ago (Edited 987d ago )

PS4 fanboys ALWAYS complaining about they're better because it has more pixels. If they trely agree with that then they should be on PCs. It's best pixel count won't "win" the war. Quality > Quantity They're all great systems, be happy we have a choice of 2 great consoles that keeps companies innovating at a lower cost to consumers.