The Console/Handheld Hybrid Theory

Nintendo’s inevitable console/handheld hybrid, why it should happen, why it is closer than you think, and what it will mean for us all.

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Metallox1712d ago

Sounds crazy, but it should work.

Misaka_x_Touma1712d ago

Nintendo already have plans to combine both console and handheld division.

LOL_WUT1712d ago

A fully capable on the go WiiU would be a really great idea. Letting the WiiU gamepad function independently without being in sight of the main console would be something worth investing. ;)

No91712d ago

I think Nintendo will retry a VR head set next.

JackieCruise691712d ago

I'd.. actually really like that. I wouldn't mind carrying my Wii U around with me like I do my 3DS XL.

RPG_Lover1712d ago

This author obviously has no idea about business, its a disaster idea