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KrisButtar1593d ago

lol kinda of funny. I guess whoever signed in as the primary user would have control over the system if two or more were telling xbox to do different things

4Sh0w1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Very cool, but he needs to grow a pair. j/k

"Hi Jennifer" as soon as she walks in the room is slick.

Sometimes I dont know if its good or bad luck my wife isnt a gamer.

vvv yeah Heavy the same fun I had when my kids were younger and fight over the controller, hmmm thats what kids do you just got to teach them better, thats what GOOD parents do.

xHeavYx1593d ago

I can imagine houses with 2 or 3 kids and one Xbox. Parents will be having fun /s

XxGOWxX1593d ago

Agreed. Kids may get into arguments over who controls it.. until a parent steps in and teaches them to share and makes some rules.

Its a cool machine but sorry lazy parents the command "xbox, babysit my kids" wont work.

PsylentKiller1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Yeah, when my nephew and nieces argue over a game on the Xbox or Playstation I tell them I'm shutting it off and to go outside and play. Then I sit down and play some Battlefield.

I got the best of both worlds with my girl. She doesn't really care too much for games but she loves Final Fantasy. So while she's on the PC playing FFXIV, I'll be playing my XB1. Then if she likes a game on the Xbox, like Fable or Lost Odyssey, I just jump on the PC and try to mow down my backlog.

She also will watch me play, as I will with her, sometimes. But she's way better at helping than I am. She will spot the enemy many times before I do. She'll be like "Watch out! On your left! Behind you! On the right of the green house! In the window!" Sometimes it's hard to keep up.

XB1_PS41593d ago

I like this commercial, it's funny and show the functionality.

Boody-Bandit1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

How about, "boyfriend pleasure me while I chop up zombies"

Yeah I know. But you can't blame me. She's hot! The fact she is a gamer only makes her hotter.

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Blaze9291593d ago

now thats what i call a commercial

mrpsychoticstalker1593d ago

Wooow this girl is sooooooo HOOOOOOOT! And so its the XBOX ONE!

Pixel_Enemy1593d ago

I saw the Xbox one in person at Target the other day and it is massive. The Kinect sensor is HUGE. I just got the PS4 camera last week and it is so small in comparison.

jgrigs091593d ago

And I heard it wasn't big! Stop trolling. Shoo shoo go away

Ashby_JC1593d ago

xbox one is not much bigger then the original xbox 360 same fir the Kinect sensor. try harder.

mrpsychoticstalker1593d ago

I seen it too. In plenty of places. At night time and day light. Its shiny, simple and elegant. Plus it can do all these features gamers like you are jealous of. Pls stop the trolling, the ps4 camera needs at least 10 years in development to catch the kinect 2. So does multiplayer on the PS network.

Pixel_Enemy1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

I love how everyone attacks me as if I was insulting them personally. All I said was that the size is large. The PS4 is half the size of XBO and the PS4 camera is a fourth the size of Kinect. Prove me wrong because it is a fact.

VENOMACR12271593d ago

PS Eye isn't 1/4 the technology the Kinect is. They are on two different playing fields. If you want something with all the functionality that the Kinect has, it can't be the size of a web cam. Thats like saying the PSVita is cheaper and smaller then the sh*t. Ones way more powerful then the other so of course its bigger. The the X1 isn't that much bigger than the original 360 which wasn't even bad. Geez, the original PS3 was the size of a skateboard.

It's common sense.

Pixel_Enemy1593d ago

OK, let's try this again. I mentioned it's SIZE only. Not one thing about it's power or it's capabilities. Everyone is so defensive it is rather funny.

rainslacker1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

I saw the half-o-console display at GS today. The console itself is smaller than I had originally thought, but still pretty big. The Kinect itself is pretty massive though for a camera. I was kind of surprised by that.

Overall the console size wouldn't really put me off of buying it. I found it rather ordinary actually. Nothing that would catch my eye in the electronics dept. if I wasn't looking for it.

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Khajiit861593d ago

The girl yeah, the xbox I guess if you like girls that look like francis.

mrpsychoticstalker1593d ago

Lol.... oh don't be a hater. That brick looks awesome!

GmIsOnPt3601593d ago

Awesome trailer, cant fuggin wait

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