Adewale May Be A Main Protagonist In Future Assassin’s Creed Games

The director of narrative design at Ubisoft Quebec gave me more than I bargained for during our exclusive interview.

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MrSwankSinatra1743d ago

hopefully its not a stupid vita game, liberation suffered because it was held back by the vita. that game could have been so much more considering it was the first AC with a female protagonist.

Mikelarry1743d ago

just for conversation sake could you explain what you meant by "it was held back by the vita"

MrSwankSinatra1743d ago

The grand scale of the game could have been bigger. The story could have been more in depth. I just think it was a missed opportunity to make this game for vita instead of a console.

LOGICWINS1743d ago

The Vita didn't hold it back. It was the devs who rushed it that did.

phantomexe1743d ago

The vita game was great but i'm still unsure why it makes any difference if it's a male or female. The vita didn't hold it back. Can you imagine the crap people would of said if it had been released as a consule game along side AC3. O i can here the N4g cry babys now.....durrr ubisolf is milking ac dry.....durr i hate ac so i'll make everbody else here my rant on the site. It's sad but true.

-Foxtrot1743d ago

Why do means the games will take on the pirate theme AC4 has done and I'm sorry but I wouldn't want that being the theme in future games.

Make it a new character from a different time era. It's bad enough this main game had someone close to a past Assassin...Edward being only Connors grandfather.

phantomexe1743d ago

I think the person who wrote the article is reading to much into what she said. Read the comic brahman because it gives you the best idea on where AC is going. Ubisoft said it would be in that comic. I'm thinking after reading the comic india or england during the 1800s but thats just what i take from the comics.

EBTpickle1743d ago

It pretty much sounded like the character was one they really wanted to explore more. That writing team seems to want to explore the ins and outs of the slave trade happening during the era a bit more.

TheLostCause1743d ago

Hopefully it will only be a Vita game or something similar to Liberation and not part of the main games, either way I wouldn't buy it.

xander707691743d ago

Nooooo, do a different era and location. The adewale DLC should suffice.