Oculus Rift Creator: Xbox One And PS4 Are Far Too Limited For What We're Planning

TR writes: "We're sat opposite Palmer Luckey, 21-year-old inventor of the Oculus Rift. There's so much we want to ask him but right now he's too busy explaining his plans to build the ultimate Pokemon team."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1492d ago

Not really worried about it since Sony has their own VR in development.

AgentSmithPS41492d ago

What an arrogant thing for them to say.

I hope the PS4 and xbone have a great 'cheap' VR headset of their own so they can take business away from these elitist pricks.

andyboy131492d ago


I think what they meant is that even 1080p doesn't look amazing on the rift. For a full fov they are aiming for 4k resolution and you need 60 fps on the rift or it breaks immersion completely...

I just don't see the ps4 or Xbox one doing 4k 60fps for commercial games. It could work for indie games maybe on the consoles, but that's a small market.

GTgamer1492d ago

I think its stupid for them to say that now its open season Sony and other company will create one that will work with people devices which will in turn take away business from Oculus especially if the price is right :/ make sonething for everyone .

Kleptic1492d ago

People...did you even read more than the headline?

his comment was related to the life cycles of console's in general...that having a device with a shelf life of 7 plus NOT good for state of the art technology development...thats the limiting factor...

why...would anyone...argue that?

its in no way arrogant...its just the truth...the entire business model behind a video game console pushes against development of something like OR...thats not a bad thing, or a good thing...its just the way it is...the PS4 or Xbox One is NOT a platform that would be able to change with OR as it matures...

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sonic9891492d ago

i have the complete faith in sony's engineering department

Mike134nl1492d ago

Thats a shame occulus rift has some good previews/reviews. Will be interestign to see how sony 3d headseat and microsoft fortaleza will stack up.

LoTuZ1492d ago

This is great! There will need to be competition! :)

Septic1492d ago

Well Occulus Rift represents a mroe concerted effort among many distinguished people to get that tech up and running. I doubt Sony can match the effort behind it, especially considering its current financial state. That might change though. I'm not dismissing their efforts immedaitely however. One thing Sony can do very well is hardware.

"We're good friends with Valve," laughs Luckey

A possible strength of the Steambox maybe in the future?

rainslacker1491d ago

Occulus Rift seems to be one of those things used to spur innovation in the area or VR. I'm sure they want to market it, and make money off it, but realistically, they will probably make more money off selling the patent licences to 3rd parties to make their own devices.

specialguest1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Sony have the potential to develop a VR headset better than the rift on certain aspects, but it will not be affordable if they go with the tech they're using with their HMZ. The HMZ uses densely packed 720p pixels per eye on a tiny oled display slightly larger than your eye. The ppi on this is ridiculous. That's where most of the cost comes from. Forget about 1080p.

What the Rift cannot do for now(still in dev stage) is positional tracking unless combined with the Razor Hydra attached to the users body and set up with codes. Sony could use the PS cam to detect the light bar on their VR headset for complete tracking of all axis positions. However, this will mean additional cost on buying a PS cam.

The main thing I'm concerned about with the Sony VR headset is support. We've seen in the past through the eye toy, ps eye, and Move where the lack of support from 3rd party devs as well as Sony is historically evident. Sony do not push their products like it was the next big thing and devs don't support it like they should. Instead, it becomes an optional almost novelty like device which fades away into obscurity over time.

I've watch many of video reviews and impession on the Rift and its demo games, and read up on the latest news since the beginning. The community is growing, and devs are exploring new experiences, concepts, and possibilities like landing on uncharted territory for the first time. The tech is finally here on a mainstream consumer level price. I believe the VR revolution is coming and if Sony has their own version, I hope they fully support it.

Mystogan1492d ago

This is bullshit. Xbox 1 and PS4 are too "limited" yet they're planning to release it for android? WTF? Is all I can say. Who wants to play Android smartphone games with an Oculus Rift?

Kleptic1492d ago

because someone clearly didn't read the article... an open platform...PC is an open platform...Steam is an open platform...the Xbox One is not an open platform...the PS4 is not an open platform...

do you see any differences in there?

If you read the article...he wasn't talking about hardware right now...he was talking about platforms that allow hardware to grow within it as fast as development moves with the OR...Android is a fantastic platform for huge hardware turn around...every 6 months there are cell phones that destroy those before it...PC same thing (although, not quite as quickly)...

the consoles? absolutely not...7 years from now, guess how old the tech in a Ps4 will be?...probably roughly 7 years old...and when there is a won't be the same'll start all over again...that is not a viable platform for something like OR...that is all he was saying...

kingduqc1492d ago

The difference is that Oculus rift will be a good experience and will have games that support it.There is already over 100 games adapted for it and it's 1 year from release, right now sony's copy pasta thing is still a rumor and there won't be much games that support it

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Fistedcupps1492d ago

Sword Art Online in the making.

gusgusjr1492d ago

damn, this is some alien technology I guess lol

GmIsOnPt3601492d ago

First mainstream VR wont really take off IMO, hope im wrong but will be so many technical snafus. it still seeminly needs, pc or some sort of console to be plugged into to take it to next level which makes it a console plus 300-400 more for rift. MEH

SgtFuzzy-T1492d ago

I hear where you are coming from but if you think the rift is too expensive which is a third party company.

Sony/Microsoft will milk the shit out of you for there version which I'm guessing would be way more expensive then what the rift will be.

Patrick1492d ago

I disagree, I think they learned their lesson with the PS3 cost and its showing with PS4. I believe they will attempt to make it as affordable as possible to both compete with the Rift (for people that want the experience and have both PC and PS4) and ensure people support it on a large scale. They know if people cant afford it, it wont sale.

dmeador1492d ago


Agreed. They aren't dumb, if they release their version at $300, there will be a very low adaption rate

Mystogan1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )


if you're expecting it to be less than $300, you will be disappointed. There are smart watches that are more expensive than that. So forget it. I'd be surprised if its below $400

ErryK1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Really? Occulus Rift is too good for next-gen?

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