SG writes open letter to Jack Thompson's mother

In response to the widely reported letter from Jack Thompson to Rockstar Games' Strauss Zelnick's mother, Sarcastic Gamer publishes its own letters to Jack Thompson and his mother, who've they've decided to name Maude.

From the letter:"Perhaps you didn't hug him enough, or maybe you bought him too many Bible-Ranger action figures, but whatever the reason, your son now has an insatiable appetite for media attention, and a warped sense of reality. On top of all of this, he would impose his will and his taste in entertainment upon us all.

Maude, at this point you might be wondering what comes next. First, you need to accept that your son, Jack Thompson, is an asshole."

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resistance1003858d ago

I really didn't think Jack Thompson could get any lower until he writ that letter

yesah3857d ago

Im sure we havent seen jack-douchesons bottom yet.

kingme713858d ago

I'd be wary, Jack will probably sue for libel and defamation of character.

Marceles3858d ago

Isn't Jack Thompson 107 years old? I don't think his mom'll be available to read the letter...but yeah, he's such a douche

JadeTyrant3857d ago