Is Hideo Kojima a time traveler from the future?

A group of friends gathered to play Metal Gear Rising for the first time recently, and were shocked at what transpired from this gaming session . In this group only one person was familiar with Hideo Kojima or the Metal Gear series at all. The other people in the group consisted of the following:a microbiology major who’s had the pleasure of working with nanotechnology, a psychology major studying post traumatic stress disorder,and a software developer who has worked as a military contractor and has had a hand in homebrew robotics. It was after the fifth hour of discussion caused by the detailed Codec briefs in the game that we all came to the conclusion that Hideo Kojima can only be a time traveler from the future.

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_QQ_1708d ago

you bet your ass he is. No one from today is that sexy.

Heisenburger1707d ago

Conan O'Brien says hi.


sonic9891707d ago

i agree i have been investigating those kind of weird things long time ago
thats why i always try to put special measurement on the devices that i own thankfully my university study and the internet can help to accomplish those goals ( security, privacy )
kojima is smart thats why he thought about it in the early 2000s