Teens Prefer PS4 to Xbox One, Christmas Survey Finds

Sony's got the edge this holiday, a survey finds. Apparently teens prefer PS4 well over the Xbox One -- and so do adults.

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SpinalRemains1381775d ago

Teens, adults, trees, bulldogs, bullfrogs, bulldozers, The Chicago Bulls, The world.

Agent Stansfield says...

"EVERYYYYONE!!!!!!!" ;

xHeavYx1775d ago

You forgot people with common sense

MajorAly1775d ago

With all the Miley Cyrus twerking and what not videos and music getting hit along with SWAG and YOLO stuff, the new generation was thought to be doomed.

Fortunately, after reading this, it turns out there is still hope left for humanity.

2cents1775d ago

Thats because they dont wanna be seen masturbating by the kinect.

i keed i keed.

mrnice1775d ago

more kids on ps4 then xbox one looking good 300000 servers to my how many people getting both.

thrust1775d ago

Agree no more screaming kids, xbox live only gets better.

obliteratorFTW1775d ago

So, that means you are leaving xbox live and going for ps4.

Bhuahahaha1775d ago

lol thats a good one obliterator

thrust1775d ago

I can not wait for my xbox one, only problem is i want all the games and my bank balance is going to get hurt :)

really looking forward to some team playing online games with all the adults that are left!

its great that the ps4 is so much cheaper mummy and daddy will only get you the cheapest console, which is a win win for me ;)

tiremfej1775d ago

@thrust PM me...I will add you to my friends list. I am very excited to play a game without having to mute kids.

GiggMan1775d ago

@Thrust. Everyone gets older and wiser. It's just that these "little kids" are growing up and making better decisions. Bravo to them. What's scary is that the adults are so bone headed that they are going to stay loyal when they should move on... What does that say about them? Weaker more expensive console, that should be a no brainer.

It's also funny that everyone on Xbox Live use to disagree when people say Live is for the kids. Now it's true and everyone is happy they are leaving lol.

pompombrum1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

^^^ XBL is essentially for kids or their service of choice at least. Xbox gamers always complain about PSN at first and how quiet it can be on games however from my experience, that's a good thing. The large majority of people over XBL are usually annoying over mic anyway just using it as a way to annoy everyone. It's been way too long since I last joined a random match on an FPS on XBL and actually found myself talking tactics or just having a chat. Probably because I'm from the UK though, we're a lot less sociable with strangers than our American counterparts.

reaperofsouls1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

well this 33 yr old will be getting a PS4 this time, as for any screaming kids i'll just MUTE the the annoying little C*NTS

Trekster_Gamer1774d ago

With Xbox Live you won't have to mute jerks or brats. Microsoft is actually doing things to prevent that!

Psn gaming on the ps4.. welcome to last gen!

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Drekken1775d ago

I see no need in having both. PS4 for my gaming needs, PC for anything I can't get on PS4.

When the teens are choosing PS4 over the One there is a problem in MS land.

sigfredod1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

And older gamers too :)

pompombrum1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Yup pretty much everyone I know 25+ year olds are either sticking to or moving over to the PS for next gen. I know a fair few teens though who are sticking with the Xbox brand mainly because of the communities the Xbox platform has built for certain games.

Fizzgig1775d ago

<--- So does this 34 year old

Bathyj1775d ago

That makes sense. Everyone knows teenagers know everything.

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