Dead Rising 3 was planned for Xbox 360, but Capcom "hit the ceiling" during prototyping

Capcom Vancouver began developing Xbox One launch exclusive Dead Rising 3 with Xbox 360 in mind, producer Mike Jones has told OXM, but was simply unable to get early prototypes running on the older hardware.

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sigfredod1778d ago

Real headline: Dead Rising 3 not possible on current gen - Capcom

2cents1778d ago

This was a wierd one when I played the demo. The graphics are not much better than current gen but the sheer amount of madness going on screen at one time is the real eyecandy.

This is going to be the most fun stress relief after a hard days work...


GmIsOnPt3601778d ago

I agree this isnt a game that will shine solely on looks but more so on characters on screen, no loading when going to new areas and sheer size etc and scope of the zombie madness.

Septic1778d ago

Yeah visually it leaves a lot to be desired (I was playing a night time level but still). Yeah the masses of zombies is pretty cool but they are mostly cannon fodder because you could actually go past a lot of them. They need to be more aggressive (although I have read a statement about how the devs have the capability to crank up the aggressive nature of the horde).

2cents1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

yeah, Im sure one of the dev interviews said that if the difficulty is cranked up the game is far more terrifying due to the omnipresent danger of DEATH!

Although no matter the danger, when your avatar on screen is a cross dressing, beerhat wearing, grease monkey, it might be hard to take the danger too seriously.


your right, gone are the days of simply doubling the resolutions 8bit to 16bit to 32bit to N64 etc...

We seem to have reached a plateau, its a case of raw power producing diminishing returns.

The real skill will be with optimization this Gen. If ryse can pump out 85k poly characters and look as good as it does on launch day then im very confident that we will have some real treats this Gen on both sides. Imagine if Ryse was a PS4 exclusive and what they could have done with it on the opposite side of the fence!
Either way as gamers, we are going to be spoilt rotten over the next decade!

11 more days!!!

svoulis1778d ago

I still don't understand why they replaced the ability to up the resolution and graphics for more zombies. I love zombies, and I am sure i'll enjoy the game past the graphics but I just dont see why SHOWING hundreds of zombies doing nothing on screen is really..needed.

I digress as I'll be getting this game anyway.

Blaze9291778d ago

i mean developers said it early on, next-gen won't be as much as a visual leap as we entered this gen with HD. The real workings will come from what they're able to do with games, AI, etc now.

svoulis1778d ago

I don't find that to be true at all, Ryse looks great even if its a corridor game. Killzone looks fantastic and Quantum Break looks interesting (even though we still have no idea really whats going on)

That on top of Infamous, The Order 1886, and all the other games to follow. The graphical LEAP has happened. Its more about "how much further will it go over time"

I always said "its the software that drives the hardware"

and I stick to that. Devs can do amazing things once they know the full potential of the product.

2cents1778d ago

I really cant wait to see the next wave of games that are being held from our prying eyes and minds.

Halo, Crackdown, Sunset OD, The Black Tusk Game, Quantum Break, Child of Light, The Order, Shadow of the Beast, Final Fantasy etc...

I hate that the likes of BF4, AC, COD have put a black mark on the launch of the two superpowers. Current gen games just with added spit-polish. I stayed away from all the articles that were drumming on the resolutiongate debacle and I was shocked that the blame seemed to be firmly put on MS, rather than the developers.

They should have just not released these current gen games on the next gen platforms., thus avoiding all the unnecessary fighting amongst us the gamers, the press and the companies doing damage control. Having Devs crying that they had to develop for 6 platforms... boo hoo, should have just saved the time and money on NOT developing for PS4 and Xone, rather than making a piss poor port for the xbox and a upped res port on the PS4, not doing either of the consoles justice.

COD, BF4, AC look the same on both old and new gen, the models look the same, the textures look the same, the gameplay looks the same, just a little more shiny, (alot more shiny on PS4 :) Im looking forward to a few weeks when these games will be in the bargain bin where they belong and people stop talking about them.

Bring on the new, keep the old where it belongs, on the old gen.

Im not spending £830.00 in Nov to play COD and BF4, No Way!

Killzone / Knack / Ryse / Forza 5 / DR3

oh yeah!

Every NEXT GEN game for Xbox or Sony are an improvement in one way or another from the current gen.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1778d ago

It's because games are more than graphics. Next Gen just doesn't mean 1080p... it means bigger games. Better games. More complex games all around.

It's weird that this new school generation of gamer is so bent on 1080p games for everything. They never would of lasted in my time.

I had fun on my 2600, NES, Master System, SNES, TG16 and so on. I think I'm still going to enjoy my gaming on these consoles. BF4 in 900p on PS4 doesn't all of a sudden mean it's not 60fps with 64 people playing. That's fun. It's going to be fun. Resolution can take a back seat to fun.

Ashby_JC1778d ago

me and a friend of mine have long conversations regarding next gen. he is not excited if all we are getting is a bump in gfx. I tend to agree with him.

but with games like you named bf4. finally being able to play bf with the correct amount of players 64 verse 24 is what I want in next gen.

people tend to over look this. I want games that are doing things aside from the gfx that want possible on current gen.

more on screen enemies..more buildings that can be entered....a larger amount of unique items to find (fallout, skyrim, borderlands etc)

take a game like gta5 I would take the same game visually on next gen. but with more buildings to enter..more animals...more weapons...deeper missions etc.

XboxFun1778d ago

"It's weird that this new school generation of gamer is so bent on 1080p games"

I completely agree Midnight, but it is actually just the SDF who want to drive this non-issue to the ground. What's the point of next gen if all we get are the same old FPS games with a shinier coat of paint?

We should be asking, what else can this game do that hasn't been done on consoles before? How good is the enemy AI, how big is the world, how many players, how dynamic is this game. Instead most here focus on "oooh pwetty". Of course this argument was switched to that when a certain line up was lacking.

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Zack_attack1778d ago

Understandable when looking at how much is going on at once. The complete chaos is admirable.

Convas1778d ago

Completely understandable. It's a current gen+ game. It was too much for the Xbox 360, so they transferred it to Xbox One.

I'll take it. It'll be fun and I'm sure the next Dead Rising will be a straight next-gen game.

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