A Trip Down Memory Lane: The NES

"If you’re an 80’s kid like myself the chances are your first gaming experiences happened on the Nintendo Entertainment System. A simple console with 8-bit gameplay that created many childhood memories and shaped us into the gamers we are today. Let’s take a look back at what made the Nintendo Entertainment System so great."

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ZBlacktt1737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

I would watch my little brother play the first Ninja Gaiden on the NES in the later 80's. Man, that game was rather challenging. Where I was more into Zelda a few years before that. Because I came from a Dungeons and Dragons back ground. Which I have those games on the Intellivision console.

It's always nice to look back! Still keep my Zelda close by!

This is a picture of me playing it and my GF at the time would get so mad at me for ignoring her all the time! I was hooked on that game. She would sit there and take pictures to distract me with the camera. It never worked, lol. The summer of 1986.