Microconsole GameStick delayed, now going head-to-head with PS4

PlayJam delays public release of upcoming Android-powered system to November 15 due to production delays.

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JimmyLmao1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

oh no... i bet Sony is extremely worried...
they have some tough looking competition on release date... /s =P

PeaSFor1658d ago

Because the market is VERY hungry for another vaporwaare android gaming device ...


JoGam1658d ago

I'm cancelling my PS4 now and getting that. s/

SonyWarrior1658d ago

it looks better then ouya

3-4-51658d ago

that is all it needs to be

windblowsagain1658d ago

I actually saw this at the show.

It's very cheap and seemed to work well.

It could still sell well.

DeadlyFire1658d ago

Well its cheap as dirt and has old era graphics at best. Ouya is more powerful, but still PS1/PS2 early era graphics.

Funny thing about these Andriod consoles they never put any hardware behind them. So I don't expect them to flourish much. IF they put real power behind them they might do alright considering PS4/X1 both use Jaguar cores. Compared to ARM cores its not all that far of a difference.

WeAreLegion1658d ago

I feel like these aren't going to catch on.

Axonometri1658d ago

Is The

Look out this is going to knock next gen and apple right out of gaming business. You can check them out in person in the bathroom at the gas station across the street from E3 next year.

stavrami1658d ago

"head to head" meh. more like head to foot

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