ShopTo Users: Games of a Generation


We asked and you voted and now the results of the ShopTo users Games of a Generation are in.

Which games from the past 7/8 years on PS3/PC/Wii and Xbox 360 do you think are best? Why not have a guess at the top ten before watching the video below, either that or just sit back and enjoy your choice below.

Do you agree with this list? If not, what games would you have chosen for the top 10?

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gillri1715d ago

Damn good list

I would have had ME2 first and TLOU of us 2nd but most of those gammes would be in my top ten

no Portal 2 though

fardan851715d ago

One hell of a generation. A great list voted by gamers.
I just felt like BioShock series should be more on the top, the games delivered one of the most amazing experiences in fps genre.
It was easy to guess number 1, the game truly deserved it.