BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea is worth seeing, but Episode 1 is disappointing | VB review

Irrational’s solid shooter mechanics and ability to set up an interesting mystery also make for a mostly enjoyable experience.

The wax-figure-like NPCs and mostly uneventful story, however, dampen a lot of the fun. It’s possible that once both parts of the two-episode Burial at Sea series are out, the story issues will evaporate. That’s just not the case right now.

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Tolkoto1652d ago

The lukewarm reception to this is bumming me out.

LouisGarcia1652d ago

Problems aside, I'm still really looking forward to this!

Raistlinhawke1652d ago

Unfortunate for this first episode. Think I'll adapt my Wolf Among Us policy and wait for further installments before picking this up.