RockPaperShotgun- Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1 Review

RPS;When this first chapter of Burial At Sea ends, far too soon, it does so with an inevitable cliffhanger and a return of sorts to Infinite’s over-arching story. It’s a reminder that Rapture is now just a small.

piece of that puzzle rather than being lead actor in this performance.4 Two-part Burial At Sea may be, but the failure to be a standalone tale in any sense leaves it left standing in the shadow of BioShock 2′s self-contained, more lore-free add-on, Minerva’s Den. Given this and given its brevity, splitting Burial At Sea into two parts does look suspiciously like Peter Jacksonesque greed, as counter to expectations as this DLC’s lavishness might be.

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