Sony Localizing Akiba’s Trip 2 In Chinese And Korean

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has been actively localizing RPGs ilike taking care of Demon’s Souls before Atlus picked it up and releasing Ragnarok Odyssey Ace in English first.

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H4all1713d ago

i really wish this game in ENGLISH...
Please Localize it... ^__^

gunboss2011713d ago

nice!! This game actually looked funny but nice at the same time!! If only there was a demo for me to try it before I buy it....

snitch_puck1713d ago

English! Why not english??!! Is it reaally that hard to localize a game using the UNIVERSAL language??!! like wtf?! XD

TwilightSparkle1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

My heart stopped for a sec when I saw this title, nice trick sony nice trick