Bonus Round - Sony's Newest Threat

"The Bonus Round panel talks about the PS4 launch and a potential threat."

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The_Villager1778d ago

Sony's greatest threat right now is the PS3. Why? Because it has more features. How many people bought the PS2 just for the DVD player? How many people bought the PS3 just for the bluray player?

Sony fans like to think the PS4 will sell PS2 numbers but that is not happening with all of the other devices out there these days. Casuals have no reason to buy a PS4.

Vojkan1778d ago

Pachter was the voice of reason in this episode, how odd is that?

Boody-Bandit1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

The_Villager is obviously just here to stir the pot and seek attention.

He didn't watch the show because it was all about mobile gaming being the biggest threat to the console market and it had nothing to do with the PS3 or 2 other than talking about the evolution of the console industry.

I, as Pachter of all people, disagree 110% with consoles being in trouble because of mobile gaming. The console market didn't shrink this past generation, it grew. Where Sony and MS made their mistake was dragging this current generation out too long.

The console gaming audience is a completely different beast compared to mobile gamers. We want complexity and compelling gameplay that you won't get on a mobile device for a long time to come. Even these guys are saying we won't get PS1, 2 and especially 3 type games on mobile devices for years to come. By then we will still be a generation ahead and awaiting the arrival of the PS5 and MS's next iteration.

Consoles will survive as long as there is money to be made. I don't see this changing any time soon. MS has gone on record saying there is more demand for their X1 than there was the 360 and we all know how crazy the demand is for the PS4.

Pachter gets it. Rubin obviously is in love with mobile devices as he is always appearing to push them. The other guy I already forgot. That's how not impressed I was with him. We are talking about money to be made off of the console side of the industry.

For once I am siding with Pachter. Regardless of what people think about him. He is the man in the know when it comes to the money to be made in this industry. He made excellent points. The other guys didn't like being schooled by a financial analyst even though he agreed with most of their points.

Pachter was just saying there is always room for jello.

Ezz20131778d ago

WTF did i just read ?!

***""How many people bought the PS2 just for the DVD player? How many people bought the PS3 just for the bluray player?""***

yeah, how many ?!
i want numbers with links to back you up

Apex131778d ago

Nor is Xbox and Nintendo

Dohv1778d ago

PS4 has a chance to come close to PS2 numbers. It's the only console that has a chance to. Xbone won't and certainly not the Wii U. I doubt any console will sell like that again but PS4 has the best chance to.

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MaverickStar71778d ago

I generally like Pachter. But he definitely has a blackbelt in cutting people off.

Malice-Flare1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

heh, people seem to forget that Sony is into mobiles/tablets too. can't wait for what come next after the Xperia Tablet Z, they haven't updated in a while...

Death1778d ago

That is very true. Most people do forget Sony is into mobiles and tablets. Brand awareness in these segments is not Sony's strong point. I was actually checking out a couple different tablets this weekend. I like what they did with the Surface 2, but both Dell and Sony have some pretty neat stuff I am considering too. The VAIO Tap 11 is a very sexy tablet for the price, but the Surface 2 has a little more capability with it's faster processor and better battery. It's a tough call so far.

Mikelarry1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

every-time i hear Jason speak its always about tablet this .. take over the console market that even when nowhere in the question was tablet hinted. tablets will carve out its share in gaming but we will not all move to tablet gaming. i completely agree with michael pacther points in this episode.

MaverickStar71778d ago

I always think they underestimate how many of your average console gamers are just console gamers. Not all people who play games are gamers that love everything and will go where the games are. The average consumer...(key word AVERAGE, not hardcore gamer that reads N4G) is conditioned to think you play games on a box in front of your tv and they cost $60, then you go play Angry Birds on your phone or tablet for free or 99 cents.

Bluebird81778d ago

at some point we'll own one multipurpose device for calling, texting, takiing pictures, gaming and so on. Be it 5years or 50years from now. I however think that consoles have atleast 1 or 2 more generations left in them where mobile devices will be struggelig behind.

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