10 Reasons FPS Gaming Has Never Been Better

"First Person Shooters have always been a highly competitive genre in the gaming industry. There are all kinds of different reasons and motives for a person to play an FPS game. Playing the role of a deadly spy whose job is to infiltrate a base, or a Ramboesque gunman who enjoys the prospect of emptying a clip into an unsuspecting enemy is what a lot of kids dream about and what lots of kids want to emulate without actually getting into a real firefight.

That’s what games are there for, an outlet for individuals to experience something unbelievable without leaving the comforts of your home. And yet, FPS games usually follow the standard model of “Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free For All, etc.” The variations have been very limited, and while some companies renamed some of their game modes and added little bits of genius in their games, they still had to follow the prototypical model.

In recent years, however, FPS gaming has taken a huge leap in popularity, and companies are trying to keep up with the consumers (Yeah, that’s you guys) needs and desires. And boy, did these companies deliver!"

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