Xbox One Game Install Sizes Revealed - Includes Ghosts, FIFA & Forza

In the US, a number of customers have been receiving their Xbox One's early from retailer Target.

Those users have been posting the install sizes for Xbox One games online

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TomShoe1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Bah, where's that cloud when you need it? I thought it would just do that for us!


AllroundGamer1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

imaginaaaation, imaginaation, in imaginaaaaaaation :)

MizTv1772d ago

Looks like a lot of games will have big ass installs for both systems
But as long as it helps games play better I could care less

Skate-AK1772d ago

Not just the games playing better. It will be less wear on the hardware.

Mister_Dawg1771d ago

Which fool disagreed to less wear on the hardware? Much rather have a constant spin rate for the HDD than ever changing Blu-ray drive.

jackanderson19851772d ago

i hope they'll have the external drive support in early 2014 so... and by early i mean january 2014

Ilovetheps41772d ago

I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure that the Xbox One does support external hard drives. It just doesn't support internal hard drives.

jackanderson19851772d ago

they've said it won't be around for launch but it's planned to be implemented... unless that's changed since i last read it

Ilovetheps41772d ago

Thanks for the information Jack. I appreciate it.

Khajiit861772d ago

Im sure microsoft will make an external HDD and overcharge you for it like with everything else they do.

mcstorm1772d ago

Zumba: World Party - 24GB what? Im sure there is no need for it to be this big? I wonder how many devs have been lazy with there packing now they have a lot of space to use.

Well ill be using £42.4GB of spaces with the games I have pre ordered so lots of space left after.

thehitman1772d ago

I wouldn't really call it lazy. Uncompressed data is always better than compressed. You only need compression when your transferring data across a limited medium.

mcstorm1772d ago

Its a Zumba game nothing that's going to set the world alight. Look at the size of Mario World 3D on the Wiiu for an example of how to deliver amazing graphics and put it into a small space.

Fireseed1772d ago

Tons of hours of 1080p video? Yeah dude that's gonna fill a LOT of space. A 2 hr BluRay is usually filled about 18gb. And from what I understand the game has probably over 10+ hours of video.

svoulis1772d ago

Guys you need to expect this from a technical aspect.

The BluRay Drives are not capable of streaming the high res textures fast enough, so the consoles need to store the data on the internal hard drive.

Expect this and more to happen over the years. For PS4 I suggest investing in a bigger HDD at launch and for Xbox One, once they do allow the use of external USB drives, get a nice 2TB drive and use it, cause you're gonna need it.

I already have a 1.5tb drive waiting to be installed in my PS4 because of this.

Cherchez La Ghost1772d ago

I'm going on Tiger Direct & Amazon to shop prices for the HDD's for the X1 & PS4. Going 2TB for both.

svoulis1772d ago

I doubt you will find a better deal :D

hope this helps, I've done lots of searching as well.

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