Xbox One Dev Explain Two Methods To Delivers Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility To Xbox One via Cloud

Microsoft is trying everything possible to deliver Xbox 360 backwards compatibiity to Xbox One, but the firm hasn't reach a perfect solution and are still looking in ways to achieve it.

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Septic1773d ago

Since both consoles don't have backwards compatibility, how about keeping your consoles as opposed to buying your current-gen games all over again? I know there are some advantages of buying a digital copy but with HDD space being scarce as it is on next-gen consoles relative to the install size of games etc, it just seems like more headache than its worth.

The two methods elucidated in the article both have problems:

1)Buying server farms with a load of 360's seems like such a draconian setup. It won't offer any benefits in terms of better resolutions/performance etc and God knows how they'll approach the whole UI and logistical problems.

2) Emulation- it doesn't always work well and can be quite unstable. This generation's games library is MASSIVE and you're bound to end up with problems

I just thinks its not worth the hassle really even though I would have preferred backwards compatibiltiy built into the system so I could make more space.

THamm1773d ago

This was the same thing last gen with them scrambling to keep Xbox games compatible with the 360.

Stuart811773d ago

And the backwards compatibility on the 360 wasnt exactly brilliant, audio slipping out of sync during cutscenes, etc

JohnnyBadfinger1773d ago

Yeah not all Xbox games worked on the 360.
For example Brute Force.... I fucking love that game can't believe it got slammed by everyone. Bought the xbox solely for brute force.

SolidGear31773d ago

Plus they quit doing backwards compatibility on the 360 in like 2008. There were tons of games I couldn't play on it! Least the BC PS3 I had played everything!

jhoward5851773d ago

Yeah if MS buys a server farms with a load of 360 would there be a fee to use that service? most likely yes.

If MS emulate the 360 games on the x1 would there be a fee to use that service service? probably not b/c it's running on your system and not MS's.

gamer78041773d ago

Plug 360 into xb1 and done

NeoTribe1773d ago

So..... just keep your 360 is pretty much what your sayin.

gamer78041773d ago

would be nice if you could dowload your complete catalog, but i'm guessing they'd charge again, and keeping your old 3660 beats paying for the games again

MrPerfect8131773d ago

Would be nice if Microsoft Made Xbox 360 games that released in windows compatible with Xbox One. I mean Xbox one is suppose to not be that far off from Windows 8, so how hard could it be to games that released for the both xbox 360 and windows, do some coding and make the windows version compatible with Xbox one.

VENOMACR12271773d ago

I'll be honest, I've never played any backwards compatibility games before. I've never wanted to play an old version of Madden, or Halo 1. I never turn on the Dreamcast or Super Nintendo. I guess I'm just one of those people that if I'm playing Titanfall, I don't want to go back and play Halo 1. Game will look so ugly lol. I think people like the idea of backwards and want it available, but in reality they won't really use it as much as they think.