FIFA 14 PS4 & Xbox One - Stadiums and Atmosphere

FIFPlay: A video tour recorded from FIFA 14 Next-Gen version, shows the FIFA 14 stadiums, fans and atmosphere.

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yezz1776d ago

Well it looks better but I still expected more from next gen.. Maybe everything will be better in Fifa 15 when ps4/xone are surely the leading platforms..

g-nome1776d ago

Looks a bit this gen actually.

sprinterboy1776d ago

Gonna wait for Brazil world cup edition personally, iron out all the kinks

310dodo1776d ago

Like I said, been playing the hell out of this game at work (Gamestop).
Yes its only a demo, but Ive been so disappointed so far by "next gen" games.

GTA V on PS3 looks better then Contrast and FIFA on PS4.
excited for the 15th obviously but still, I wanted a bigger leap forward

xxchicago33xx1776d ago

The first wave of sports games are going to be meh...they're essentially ports