Call Of Duty — The Gateway Drug Of Gaming

An opinion column via eGamer in which the author talks about the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts, comparing it to a gateway drug in how it creates a bridge between two crowds and invites many people into the gaming world.

Quote: "However, the others, the ones who only ever play Call of Duty games. There is a decent number of that group which I might hypothesise would actually play other games if introduced to them. In fact, I’d say that a large contributor to the growth of gaming over the past few years has been the likes of Call of Duty with its mainstream appeal. Nowadays, gaming is cool and Call of Duty is the ‘cool’ game of choice. But then it becomes more than just a ‘cool factor’ game. Suddenly you indulge this newfound guilty pleasure and you try out something else. You see a Batman game, or you hear about this other game called Assassin’s… something. And you try it out. Four or five games later, you’re hooked.

You’re gaming. "

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kazuma9991777d ago

Sorry cod havent been playing my mw3 or black ops 2 in over 8 months. Killzone Shadowfall is the new gateway drug.