Call of Duty sales tumble 50%, but how bad is it?

Call of Duty Ghosts sales drop 50% from 2012's Black Ops II

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jackanderson19851656d ago

upcoming new gen is obviously taking it's effect

Excalibur1656d ago

I don't see why this is so hard to understand that there are people waiting for the Next gen release.

Eonjay1656d ago

COD was still able to extract $1 billion from the human race... this is unacceptable.

TomShoe1655d ago

The fact that it's an ugly game and not nearly as fun as Blops 2 doesn't help.

static52451655d ago


Actually them selling $1 billion wasn't exactly true.
They SOLD IN $1 billion (which means thats how many units were sold to retailers)
The SELL THROUGH was less than COD:BO2( Which was actually sold to consumers)

Deltaguy1656d ago

thats what ive been saying's obvious people are buying the next gen versions

bestofthebest1656d ago

yea i think 50% are waiting for the next gen version

Rockstar1656d ago

Could be C.O.D. fatigue.
I don't think the sales numbers have anything to do with how bad the game is.

It hasn't mattered how bad it was in the past.

XB1_PS41655d ago

I bought BO2, and i'm not buying ghosts because of the reviews. I'm included in those %50 numbers. If there are more like me, then that %50 is not going to be recouped on the new systems.

SL1M DADDY1655d ago

Been waiting on my copy for the release of the PS4. I'm sure that is not uncommon.

Wikkid6661655d ago

I bought the combo pack for $70...

LeCreuset1655d ago

Probably, but launch buyers tend to be more aware so that could be a problem for COD. Those are the customers most likely to know that there isn't much of a reason to buy a slightly improved game on consoles with a lower install base.

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MrSwankSinatra1656d ago

how bad will be determined when when we get actual numbers that include sales from Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U & PC. but i think it safe to say that there will be a another dip in sales when compared to black ops 2. it's inevitable, call of duty has been continuously losing market share since MW3.

Benjammin251656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Even though this has a lot to do with next gen consoles, I still don't believe overall sales will be as strong as previous cod's. There just hasn't been a lot of excitement for it this year. In fact, I don't know anyone who even bought it where I live.

FreakdoutKid1656d ago

its because of next gen consoles

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