Taking Up Arms: Hands-On With Ryse: Son Of Rome [One Hit Pixel]

One Hit Pixel: "Ryse: Son of Rome seems to be the underdog of the Xbox One launch line-up and for good reason. With a disastrous showing at E3 and with an overwhelming “meh” at EGX this year, Microsoft and Crytek had one last chance to really sell it to us before release. They were finally going to show the big guns – the single player campaign. Just what the heck is Ryse all about and did what we see impress us as it did various others?"

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christocolus1710d ago

nice...another good preview...nov 22 cant come soon enough.

TheGrevster1710d ago

Great preview, getting excited now

4Sh0w1710d ago

"Levels are big, full of spice, and there is not a dull moment from that early point in the game."

Great. I can't wait to check this out.

JackISbacK1709d ago

no i'am not diissapointments with ryse while e3 it looked very stale and unispired and when i played sp,mp and gladitor i was like wow i haventplayed this kind of amazing hack and slach for years and was waiting for this time around ,yeah this is one of the most amazing games of the year reviews will tell you just wait for 22nd when journalists will reveal thier is most worthly pickable next gen game.

GmIsOnPt3601709d ago

I cant wait for ryse, my only concern is as with all beat em up that it will get boring with nothing more than new executions to spice the game up. it reminds me of batman combat minus the gadgets, i think this game could benefit with some type of variant to its combat other than sword and shield. maybe a throw,slam ...something and i fully realize im reaching. i just worry with literally no combos and only light, heavy sword attack,shield bash/block., and a roll the combat might grow old if enemy types arent perfect. Either way looking forward to day one..DIGITAL

gusgusjr1709d ago

for what it's worth, one of the previews I had seen had him throwing a spear. I think it was gametrailers.

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