PlayStation 4 Launch In Middle East Uses Augmented Reality Invitation Cards For The Event

Sony is sending out what appears to be the most coolest and amazing invites in the history of PlayStation. Hassan AlSheikh, a DJ and RJ based in Dubai got an invitation from Sony to attend the PlayStation 4 launch party on 28th November. However the PlayStation 4 won’t go on sale for the public till December 13.

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Langkasuka1714d ago

Dear Sony, you've opened a brand new office in Singapore and had also set a console release date for December. If you do a PS4 launch party there, I will swim to you if needed, coming in with bells on :D

BABY-JEDI1714d ago

Grabs passport & heads to Middle East. But where exactly, c'mon where's the map with the big X

MajorAly1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Dubai, UAE is where you'll find the treasures...

Langkasuka1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

It didn't specify, but the invitee is based in Dubai. Maybe that's the one, Dubai is very a popular transit stop.

This is so cool, I hope Sony does a lot games with PSEye-PSApp interaction with augmented reality.

phoenix_dusk1714d ago

That's sleek as hell. I would frame that AR invitation for life in my wall. So jealous. :/

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