UK Sales Charts: PS4 Games Are Already Selling Strongly

Push Square: "Sony’s next generation console may be right around the corner in North America, but there are still a few weeks before it settles its blue and black chassis on UK stores shelves. That’s not stopping the console’s initial roster of software from performing fairly well, though, as the PlayStation 4 accounted for three per cent of the chart-topping Call of Duty: Ghosts’ launch sales. That may not sound like much on paper – but it was enough to push it above the PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in individual SKUs. It also outsold the Wii U and PC versions of the Activision first-person shooter."

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Mikelarry1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

part of me wants the ps4 games to fly off the shelves but another part of me does not as this thieving retailers in the UK will see this and keep the price hike at 49.99 when it should be 39.99

xPhearR3dx1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

They raised the price of next-gen games there?


Next-gen games are still $59.99 here in the US :/

shivvy241708d ago

they raise the prices pretty much everywhere

Honest_gamer1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

I feel you pain, local independent retailer has then sitting at 54.99 59.99 and 64.99 depending on the game etc, and these independent retails wonder why they go out of business

It's worth noting this is the ONLY game shop in my town u less we get a 17 train to Dundee Inorder to get the game cheaper but by then it would be dearer overall, amazon FTW

d0nT wOrrY1708d ago

Clicked the disagree button by mistake :( I'm sorry but I completely agree with you there.

grassyknoll1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

English retailer's always do this (happened with the WiiU, 360, PS3 etc), prices will drop when the console becomes more mainstream (after a year or so).

Mikelarry1708d ago

I really hope they do, i must admit i have seen some signs because at the start they were all listed as high as 80 pounds GTFOH!!! there is no reality i will be paying 80 pounds for a game

Blackdeath_6631708d ago

fuck uk retailer haven't bought from them since i got skyrim. buy from the internet instead. article doesn't say how it compares to xbox one games (which launch first here in the uk) its interesting because the UK is like a 50/50 territory which has favoured MS in the past if sony can get a foothold in the UK it will be a good indication on how both consoles match

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Mikelarry1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

@ shivvy

Americans are still paying the same price as last gen

@ dontworry: no worries mate

@ honest i hear you, before i buy a game i will be have to really see replay value when currently i was more eager to try things after seeing trailers / interviews

it seems like i will be buying most of my games digitally with my American account

sigfredod1708d ago

Greatness awaits, the new king is raising

JetBlack1708d ago Show