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'PS4 To Outsell Xbox One 2:1' Says Analyst

Nowgamer: "According to social media analysts, the PS4 looks set to outsell the Xbox by a factor of 2:1.

This figure was reached by looking at tweets regarding the PS4 and Xbox One and picking out which console twitter users said they were going to buy." (PS4, Xbox One)

Septic  +   659d ago
Sounds right to me. A combination of price, superior hardware, better PR and all, it all makes sense.
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TimmyShire  +   659d ago
Hard to expect Xbox One will outsell the PS4 when there's so much negativity surrounding MS and its console. I do wonder if gamers = more sales or if Christmas might impact this ratio, but as you say the PS4 is cheaper too so...
Peppino7  +   659d ago
MS won't sell more than Sony unless they were to come out a year sooner like last gen. That's the only way MS would be ahead with its current situation ie. Price and policies.
Hellsvacancy  +   659d ago
I'm not defending MS, but you must remember not everyone uses N4G or other gaming sites, my dad will likely buy a XB1, he likes the idea of the camera, and the TV stuff, he's not a gamer, he'll probably play some of the COD campaign

Iactually swore at my dad when he said he liked the idea of XB1 "are you f-in crazy man"

Millions of those people exist though an will see the XB1 as a TV companion rather than a gaming machine
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mikeslemonade  +   659d ago
They still got last place when they came out earlier.

As far as this generation I think it's gonna be 3:1 PS4 to X1. Or somewhere between 3:1 or 4:1 like the PS2 to Xbox Original.

It takes a while to convert people back. Everyone was saying that about the PS2 and they must get it so they can play Madden and GTA, and then a few years later the 360 was the "COD player". Now the PS3 picked back up the momentum and now the PS4 will finish it. We are already seeing converts here on N4G.
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4Sh0w  +   659d ago
Based on tweets, lol
mcstorm  +   658d ago
Well if this is true than I think its a big plus for Microsoft because the one is only out in 13 country's at launch where the PS4 is out in 32 country's.

For me I could not care which console sells more as long as all 3 do well again this generation as having 3 selling well is better than 1 for us gamers.
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abzdine  +   658d ago
so if PS4 sells 140million like PS2 X1 will sell 70? i think it's still a big accomplishment after all bad news surrounding x1 everyday.
come_bom  +   659d ago
Unless Microsoft radically changes the Xbox One (much lower price, Kinectless SKU, big exclusives, big exclusives, big exclusives, improves their offering with the XBLA Gold service, etc) and gets a much needed positive PR, the world sales will vastly favor the PS4. I even think the 2:1 is a bit low. My predictions, IF the X1 continues the same route until now, i would say 3:1 or more... unless Microsoft gets a stoke of luck like Nintendo did with the Wii.

There is always the USA where Microsoft sells a lot of consoles...
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OlgerO  +   659d ago
It will probably be about equal in sales in the US in about a year with xbox one. and will outsell xboxone 2 to 1 in the rest of the world
Drewidian  +   659d ago
The PS4 WILL outsell the Xbox One up to 3:1, which is great if you are into the PS4, until MS announces its partnerships with the Cable and Satellite companies with deals like "agree to a 2 year contract and get a free or low priced($99 - $199) Xbox One". Then the Xbox one will overtake and outsell the PS4 by a long shot since there are significantly more people who watch TV and would willing to jump in for such a low price. Once the cable/satellite companies start pushing it, it won't be a contest.

If MS gets that casual TV market, Fitness market, Skype to kick in to daily adoption, and gets devs to make apps and games work across all of its ecosystem, it may be able to do what the Wii did in getting average users to adopt en mass. The gamer market is at best maybe 200M regular users, but there's far more other people who watch TV and do other things besides gaming.
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DVAcme  +   658d ago
Microsoft seriously has an uphill battle this gen just because of how much they've been stepping on consumers' toes since the system got announced. They've been touting "features" and establishing restrictions that cause knee-jerk overly negative reactions in consumers. Meanwhile, Sony's been keeping a business model that's pretty much business as usual for them with the added bonus of positive PR from their reactions to MS's goofs. Not only that, but they really turned it around for the PS3 even though it had such a rocky start. They used a slow-and-steady approach to come up equal to Microsoft this gen, which is impressive considering the heavy lead MS had on them at release. Sony just seems like the more consistent company right now.
mistertwoturbo  +   658d ago
And the fact the PS4 is launching in double the amount of territories around the world.
TimmyShire  +   659d ago
Even from my own anecdotal experience I've got far more people on my social media excited for the PS4 than the Xbox One, so I'd be surprised if this was untrue.
shivvy24  +   659d ago
I only know 2 friend getting the x1, the rest are getting ps4
MasterCornholio  +   659d ago
Of course it will since its the most popular console for gamers.

Nexus 7 2013
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Goku781  +   659d ago
Three more days till midnight launch to start proving it. Can't wait.
isa_scout  +   658d ago
God dude, I was trying to distract myself from the fact that it comes out so soon because the wait is killing me. Thanks for that, now my stomach is all in knots from excitement...lol
It's crazy to think that in 3 days my PS3 and 360 will be last-gen hardware.
HighResHero  +   659d ago
Hope it's not Pachter.
Jury  +   659d ago
It's gamers who buy consoles at launch and playstation is #4gamers
deadfrag  +   659d ago
I think the ratio is going to be higher more like 3.5 to 1 this in US because in EU/UK that ratio can go to 5 to 1 in favor of the PS4.X1 is suffering of a bad reputation that will impact sales for sure,and this not even mention the superior price tag in relation with the PS4 and also WII U!Also it seems that Sony supply chain logistics will not stop even after Christmas,they intend to supply all pré-orders and still get even more in shops at Christmas time and beyond.And people cant also forget the xbox 360 and PS3 with great price cuts and great bundles.Price and capacity of supply demand will be factor key in sales for next gen hardware consoles has also console bundles with value.
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HighResHero  +   659d ago
I do hope the xBone sells well enough that many of the whiny brats stay over there though.
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cyhm3112  +   659d ago
microsoft wishes it is 2 to 1, but indeed it will be much worse, it will be like at least 5 to 1 in favor of ps4 worldwide
Max-Zorin  +   659d ago
Wasn't a similar article approved before?
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toddybad  +   659d ago
I'm getting ps4 but think when it comes to casuals and mums and dads looking at the two boxes the xbox one's ui and kinect experience will cause a shift away from ps4 and a huge spike in sales for xbox one. I can genuinely see it dominating the casual market.
jessupj  +   658d ago
For the casuals, price is a very big factor. Coupled with the fact that PS4 multiplats are performing noticeably better and that through word of mouth I believe a lot of casuals will come to find this out, I think it's going to be a lot more attractive to the casuals.

I'm just hoping they don't stick to their 99c mobile games.
TheLyonKing  +   659d ago
At this point its who has produced the most consoles and built up the most demand.

Right now sony wins both and so its obvious they would outsell MS.

I believe sony will continue to dominate through 2014 but thats just me throwing my two cents in
DoesUs  +   659d ago
Worldwide will be 2:1 at least, but in the US i think it will be a touch closer, say....3:2 or 5:3. Europe will be 2:1. Now, given the PS3 breakdown in these territory, this is a huge gain for Sony, especially in the US. Europe they will solidify and increase. Rest of the world in Japan? Well, we all know how it will turn out.
monkeyfox  +   659d ago
Xbox may still outsell Ps4 in the states... Which is fair enough, folks over there are supporting their home grown hardware.

I'm in UK and will be getting a PS4 however...
Drewidian  +   659d ago
Just out of curiosity Monkeyfox, do you think many people in the UK would accept a deal of an Xbox One for say £99 on a 2 year Sky contract?
monkeyfox  +   659d ago
I think people, myself included are idiots... and don't see a contract as "real money" spent. So yes i think a £99 deal over two years would entice alot of people over here definitely.

You've only gotta look at what the buying public spend on smart phones over a 2 year contract, its crazy!
Drewidian  +   659d ago
I agree Monkeyfox. Its insane what we live with on cell phone contracts, but I can easily see the cable/satellite industry doing the same thing especially if MS throws in Xbox Live with the cable subscription. Its not really much money lost for MS and they would get their device into a ton more homes. The PS4 could get in on that market as well with streaming apps, but it doesn't have nearly the multitasking or guide capabilities that the Xbox One has. This is how MS has envisioned winning the next generation of "entertainment". There will be those of us who will be PS4 only, but the masses will go for the Xbox One especially if MS gets its drivers working better and get the full 1080P gaming right for all of their games. Its early in the cycle and I think they could do it.
Manic2014  +   659d ago
Already expected this since the unveil of the consoles, and also ps4 has way many more launch territory's. But undoubtedly both Will sell great.
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1080pgamer  +   659d ago
If you want 720p gaming get Xbox One. If you want next gen gaming build a PC or get PS. It's that simple. People are expecting the casuals to save Xbone yet the claim there's little to no difference between Xbone and PS4. Will casuals see the $500 difference? I highly doubt it.
deadfrag  +   659d ago
Well with $100,100€ diference will certain matter thats almost 2 games or an extra controller and a docking charge bay plus a vertical stand if you go with the ps4,or 2 year of PS+!SO yes 100€ less matterS indeed!
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Orpheo  +   659d ago
Aye, at the 'minimum' I see PS4 winning 2:1 worldwide. Actually think it'll be more like 5:2 in favor of the PS4 worldwide.
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cyhm3112  +   659d ago
more like 5:1, it could be 10:1, because xo is getting really bad reputation.
KRUSSIDULL  +   659d ago
Only way if I can see Xbox One selling more is if the console gets the the "Wii effect" with Kinect, but there is no games taking full potential of it at launch and the Xbox One is 100 bucks more expensive than PS4. Know what I mean? Xbox One weaker hardware but makes up for it with Kinect not worth 100 bucks extra.
cyhm3112  +   659d ago
it is word of mouth!!! So many bad press about xo, you really think people will buy this crap if they are not xbots?
BobBelcher  +   659d ago
Could be the fact that the PS4 is selling in more countries than the X1...
TristanPR77  +   659d ago
I believe is going to be 3:1 easily
jimbobbeers  +   658d ago
Microsoft will be looking to dominate the two biggest gaming markets in the world again, the US and the UK. I'm not so sure this time round.
jessupj  +   658d ago

It sucks for gamers of the affected countries, but it was a smart business move for MS to cut some of them out of the launch and focus on the bigger markets.

Sony, however, is being very very aggressive though. They want the US and UK market and they want it bad. They've even cut Japan, the company's home country, out of the launch, which is definitely no small thing. Once again it sucks for Japanese gamers, but it was very smart of Sony to focus on the US and UK.

I honestly see Sony dominating in every single market next gen.

PS2 glory days await.
gnothe1  +   658d ago
lmao to the circle jerk that thinks the PS4 is gonna outsell the xbox 3-1 an 5-1....really guys.....both launch batches of consoles gonna sell out an unless MS only making a million systems to sonys 3-5 million systems how would you get a 3 to 1 ratio...but it was funny reading the comments...lol
jessupj  +   658d ago
You're right that they're both going to sell out at launch and most likely keep being sold out until after Christmas. We'll only start to see a pattern emerge a few months after that.

I think a 3-1 ration would be very difficult to accomplish, but entirely plausible after all the negative PR MS has garnered and the huge momentum Sony has right now. It will most likely be a ration of 2-1 and will mostly stay like that for the rest of the gen.

Who knows though. Only time will tell.
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alb1899  +   658d ago
I keep saying the same: the sells will depends of production strictly.
alb1899  +   658d ago
Im not so sure about it as you guys, come on! luck at Microsoft lineup of games, I won't buy the ps4 for the nex 3 months for the lack of games that I like.

So sorry N4G but no.
Lykon  +   658d ago
Depending on how well this version of kinect works and how good the fitness application works ... it could be a hit with girls. I still think the ps4 will outsell 2:1 though at least. Could xbox one become the girls console though ?
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Sadist3  +   658d ago
I'm not an investor, I can give a crap about PS4 or X1 sales data. That doesn't affect me one bit, I care about the games and online infrastructure.
SpinalRemains138  +   658d ago
2:1 is being optimistic.

4:1 when all is said and done sounds more like it.

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