Top 10 Companies in video games that wouldn't make it in the real world.

A top 10 list of "companies that would fail in reality".

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TheLyonKing1711d ago

Interesting list.

I know a company that would survive though....Shinra

Arkworthy1711d ago

Not according to the list!

TheLyonKing1711d ago

This is why I called it an interesting list

Misaka_x_Touma1711d ago

Well we got real life Team Plasma - Pokemon Universe aka PETA

Arkworthy1710d ago

Hah! Yes! Though I can't decide on which one is more annoying..

CursedHero1710d ago

PETA! However, would PETA spray-paint Pokemon coats. I mean, I would gladly drape a Pikachu hide over my shoulders.