Plus XP: Upcoming Wii U Previews – EGX 2013

Leon from Plus XP writes: "Not yet owning a Wii U console, I was still quite excited to try some of the console’s offerings at this year’s EGX. Nintendo have got a fair few exclusives this generation, from their own core series, to a handful of special exclusivity deals. With the PlayStation and Xbox brands littered across the show floor full of cross-platform titles, the Nintendo section was as busy as ever, with fans eager to get a glimpse of those exclusive goods. Here’s my round-up of the Wii-U games I was able to get my hands on."

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DarthZoolu1621d ago

This article is crazy who cares about those "exclusives"? Who on Earth is like, "OMG OMG Can't wait to play Bayonetta 2"? Or "The first time I beat Wind Waker pales in comparison to beating it in HD.

deno1621d ago

Everything you said was foolish. Next time try to be a gamer not a fanboy.

DarthZoolu1620d ago

What kind of fanboy am I? PC, 360, PS3, or WiiU those are the platforms I own. So what kind of fanboy am I?

browngamer411620d ago

Apparently you cared, or else you wouldn't have commented..