Albert responds to DRM/COD "offline" issues

Alebet Panello writes:

"FYI it's 11pm on a Sunday, so people aren't exactly quick to respond to work email. I wanted to check in before I shut-down for the evening. This is what I believe is going on:

We still have two more weeks before launch - the console is in a pre-release state. We are doing regular updates - I personally took one a few minutes before he posted. His build is now old. This is why we were saying we didn't want people on early - it's not done yet.

This behavior is only because we are in pre-release. When we launch, console will work exactly as you expect today on 360.

For sure this has nothing to do with requiring a connection. There is no "DRM removal" in the Day One update because none of the consoles were ever built with that stuff in it.

This also has nothing to do with COD. The Day One update just brings the SW up to date with the latest versions vs. what's on the box. But there is no 24 check in, that's for sure."

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M-M1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"There is no "DRM removal" in the Day One update because none of the consoles were ever built with that stuff in it. "

Really? It doesn't make sense, you need a day one update to use the console, but you can't play games without it? So then why is a day one update required for the console to function if it's not for DRM removal(which Microsoft clearly stated at the time of the 180)? If anything, it should be like the PS4 where you can use the console even if you don't have the day one patch.

allformats1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

His response doesn't add up.

We understand the logistics on why the system itself ships with an incomplete OS, we get it. The question we are asking is why the does a console that has the latest up to date patch (1-2 days ago) all of a sudden ban SP content, oh and even entering settings. I would understand if he had some really old version but he was using the most up to date version that everyone else who had an xbox one in their home was using up until a day ago.

Nitrowolf21800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Honestly from how i take this it sounds like they didn't have DRM for every game on the xbox One to begin with is what he's saying? That totally contradicst MS statement from before about it and is even sated in the reveersal letter.
"An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games "
Edited: I get what he's saying actually. Games aren't built with DRM due to MS, the system is built with DRM, or the always needed to be online. The update removes that from the Xbox One. Basically he;s saying that this issue with COD isn;t their fault, which my bottom portion states.

And I'm just trying to offer the best explanation, but anyoen notice how on the PS4 box it says "Offline play", but the xbox One doesn't? Remember guys, DRM is still up to publishers, which this still doesn't make sense if that were the case, then why didn't activision include it in the PS4 version? From my understanding the guy with the early xbox One can launch other games fine???

All I'm saying here is, if someone gonna point fingers about DRM do we really point it at MS or ACtivsiion? Remember it's publishers choise, and has always been even through this gen

Game-ur1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Honestly the X1 situation is a mess, the best option is to wait a few months for the dust to settle before buying.

BitbyDeath1800d ago

Amir0x has summed it all up and it makes sense.. imo

Muerte24941800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

So if the OS is constantly updating, will this always happen when you miss an update? Technically none of this explains why he can't play COD offline when he was able to 24 hour earlier and his system was already banned. Microsoft is already shipping people their Xbox Ones early. Why would you ship something when the "OS" isn't completely functional yet? I don't agree with my Game OS having an expiration date. Thank God I'm going with Sony and the PS4. Looks like I'm saving myself alot of grief.

ZodTheRipper1800d ago

Some will believe his BS ...I won't.

4Sh0w1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

So what, guy says it will work on launch day like its suppose to, you have nothing creditable to say otherwise just pure speculation so this mean the ps hive mind is just spewing nonsense AGAIN. Nothing new.

cleft51800d ago

So many excuses and contradictory statements. People really need to take a close look at this stuff, because it's clear that Microsoft is scrambling to get it together with the Xbox One. Hopefully this thing just works at launch for the people who are buying the console and ignoring all of these grievous flaws.

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neocores1800d ago

Wait first they said the system was built with DRM in it now it dont have it lol wtf 0.0

Kingthrash3601800d ago

is this real? i mean really? i had the same thought when i read his comment and it totally contradicts
everything they said so far about drm removal. it's like they had a meeting about how to confuse your customers with lies and contradictions.

sprinterboy1800d ago

"The art of distraction", also used by all politicians.

sAVAge_bEaST1800d ago

The only way The 1%. knows how to deal with the 99- is Lie$ & De¢eption.

isa_scout1800d ago

Yeah, what I'm struggling to understand is if his console was banned until the launch day then doesn't that mean he couldn't go online? And if he couldn't go online then how the hell did the system know he missed an update like Mr. Penello is claiming?
That'd be like me playing COD offline singlplayer on my PS3 then all of a sudden it's like, "Yo son, you need the update to pay offline."
Smells like PR [email protected]#$* to me. When is MS just gonna say screw it and fire their entire PR team. There's no way the XOne is as bad as the reports are saying.The problem is that when there is a problem MS fails to address it in a cohesive honest way.

corvusmd1800d ago

Good question...why do PS4 and Wii U also have day one updates?

MasterCornholio1800d ago

Why is it that whenever Albert opens his mouth things just get worse?

Nexus 7 2013

Insomnia_841800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"We are doing regular updates - I personally took one a few minutes before he posted. His build is now old. "

His build is now old. What an effing coincidence, huh?!


His whole response is so full of it!!!

B-radical1800d ago

Can't do alot of things on ps4 without.its day one patch also tho

MikeGdaGod1800d ago

you can do one very big thing can play games!

AusRogo1800d ago

Wasn't the x1 built with this DRM shit and this day one update disables it? Im confused so it was built with DRM was it not?

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Langkasuka1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Old build, of course. Must be the craziest crunch time to be an X1 developer right now. :3

You know, not to be mean or sound fanboyistic, but if Moonlightswami kept his twitter under NDA about COD (even though it's only verbal agreement), gaming community wouldn't have had to go through all that fluster.

MightyNoX1800d ago

So was Larry Hryb lying when he said DRM is built into the system?

deadfrag1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

And some people still believe what Microsoft tell.Its just ridiculous how they spin things around for the dumb people to actually believe.Damage was done six months ago and frankly any people with some brains will see that nothing can actually brings them out of the Pit they got themselves.

karl1800d ago

They got plenty of chances. They just keep digging though...

As if they thought light was on the other side of the tunnel.

5eriously1800d ago

What a PR mess. I will now not even contemplate getting an eXB0Ne or touching it with a bargepole for at least another year, maybe only if it's hacked to be free of M$ infestation.

Cancelled preorder, No choice with all these "rumours" becoming true.

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