Nintendo: no plan to cut Wii, DS prices this year

Nintendo Co Ltd said it has no plan to cut the prices of its Wii console and DS handheld players this year, underscoring its confidence in continued demand for the Japanese videogame maker's two growth engines.

"Our earnings projection for the year is not based on hardware price cuts, and I don't think we are going to need them," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told an analyst meeting on Friday.

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PS360WII3861d ago

heh would of been nice but it's obvious why they won't

BrotherNick3861d ago

Because of the separate nature of the console to the others, a price drop of Sony and Microsoft's console won't effect the sales of the wii, unless they start offering the same experiences the wii has such as Wii Fit at affordable prices.

wiizy3861d ago

i dont see why not.. a price cut would keep up the momentum although wiifit will do that... nintendo cant afford to let ms or sony get the momentum with a price cut and gt4 cause the generation is still early.