Cboat Hints at DRM Functionality Still Being Present on Xbox One Games

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "Well, he just laid another one on us, especially considering the rumors about Call of Duty not being playable at all in offline mode. Check out the pretty strong statement that he shadily confirms (as he always does; his confirmations are usually vague, but when he comments on what he thinks people have assumed to be correct, he’ll lay it out there) out there about DRM, that it might not exist on the Xbox One, but that some games themselves might still be able to make use of DRM features."

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MorePowerOfGreen1780d ago

CBOAT said XB1 UI was a mess and wouldn't work for years.

Enemy1780d ago ShowReplies(11)
GTgamer1780d ago

I heard months not years :/

Blacksand11780d ago

The XB1 is 720p with a 1080p up-scaled because MS tried to make it a t.v hub first and a gaming console second. My Fios is 720p reg. channels and 1080p on HD channels. When you mix the two that's what you get 720p with a up-scaled of 1080p, because of t.v part of the console.

inveni01779d ago

I feel like day one patches for BOTH consoles are really just a way to get people to go online. That's why features are missing at launch. Sure, you can play some games on your console, but the extra stuff means you've got to plug in at least once.

No biggie. It just seems a little bit of an obvious method, and both parties are doing it.

ShinMaster1779d ago

@ inveni0

Nope, not "BOTH". You can update your PS4 by dowloading the update from any computer and saving to a USB drive or you can have a disc mailed to you.
So technically, your PS4 doesn't have to go online.

C0LLAT1779d ago

ALSO... the patch isn't NEEDED to play single player games on the PS4.

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hulk_bash19871780d ago

But wouldn't the issue be that the xbox one requires a day one update in order to work? Or at least that's my understanding of it.

Blackdeath_6631780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

yeah that was confirmed by a Dev "the xbone will not ship with an os, end of." i think that was the quote couldn't find original link but this one confirms the same thing

TomShoe1780d ago

Will the shit-storm ever end with the Xbone?

Now this is getting ridiculous.

lokirevamped1779d ago

You must say IMHO when you type information that makes sense.

BoriboyShoGUN1780d ago

Yeah but if this is true would'nt that cause a shit storm the minute people could'nt play offline? I dont trust MS at all, but I think they just restricted the guys console until closer to release so he couldnt show what they didnt want out there yet!

hulk_bash19871780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )


Going by your comment history I now see that yours is a trolls account. Ignoring now.

NeoTribe1780d ago

Judging by your comment history, I think your the one full of shit. Cboat has nailed every other x1 related disaster. Wouldnt surprise me if he's spot on again.

BBBirdistheWord1780d ago

@ Mrfairness

Cboat is full of shit.

miklo841779d ago

Crazy Buttocks On A Train, full of shit, Nah. He's been on point on most stuff. Still comes down to the individual and their preference as to which system to buy. Personally, hasn't deterred me from day one XBone purchase. DRM never affected me personally since I have not lent out any games in years and most often times buy the games I want when they first come out. Do you.

BBBirdistheWord1779d ago

Nah Cboat is full of shit. His strike rate has been about 50%.

I can do that too.
Sorry fanboys.

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Gore-Content1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

No bubbles for you to reply? Aawwwww...

OT: He was right with the 720p thing on the xbone.

kenmid1780d ago

@neotribe like the Xbone UI being a mess

G20WLY1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

^Kenmid, I think you're being a bit harsh.

Okay, it's not a patch on the PS4's UI, but I wouldn't agree with you that XBone UI is "a mess" entirely...

AngelicIceDiamond1780d ago

Well you can't deny that MS console still requires a connection to some games.

Either way is seems like MS will have there way eventually.

Why cant MS do this.

The option to DRM, or to not DRM. An on and off switch of sorts.

rainslacker1780d ago

I guess it depends on if it lets you play the game's SP without connecting to the internet. MP is obvious. If not, then that just means that the publishers can decide to implement this stuff on their own. Something as I recall Sony said they will leave up to the publishers to implement, but will not support it on a system wide level.

We already see "connectivity" features being introduced into SP, but not sure if any are completely mandatory yet. Possibly testing the waters?

Seems odd the article mentioned COD though. Aren't COD games one of the few 3rd party games that didn't ship with an online passes?

imt5581780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

CBOAT said that XO UI will probably be FIXED until launch. Guess what? It's FIXED. Move along!

BG115791780d ago

Then there was no reason to ban any oe that received their xbones early.

H0RSE1779d ago

Yes there was... The device has a release date for a reason. Stop approaching it from a personal/emotional standpoint, and view it for what it is - a business standpoint.

Those people chose to use their consoles early. They also chose to post pics and vids online, which is likely the bigger issue.

dantesparda1779d ago

Wow, Horse, you're a bigger fanboy than i could have ever thought, pathetic! Talk about a company shill!

imt5581780d ago

Albert Penello on GAF :

For sure this has nothing to do with requiring a connection. There is no "DRM removal" in the Day One update because none of the consoles were ever built with that stuff in it.


Insomnia_841780d ago


First they say the day one update would remove the DRM crap and now this???


Seriously, who the hell with a bit of brain is going to get into this XBone sht with Microsht??????

This company loses my respect every single effing day!!

Whoever takes that chair at Microsoft, please sell the Xbox division for the good of gaming and the company itself!

HolyDuck1780d ago

I really don't know what you're getting at?

PS4 has a day one update to add basic functionality, should PS4 not have a day one update either?

Why does it matter if consoles have a day one update, stop crying.

bjmartynhak1780d ago

Post from neogaf:

"The person who got this console a full two weeks ahead of schedule downloaded some sort of pre-release OS. This pre-release OS allowed him to play games. A new pre-release OS was pushed to systems. His system was not authorized to access this pre-release OS because he isn't a dev/etc. Therefore he lost the functionality to play games and/or do shit."

Simple as this. Day one update is yes!, to remove DRM. They might have removed from the system, but there is still something in the game, as CBOAT seems to have agreed.

imt5581780d ago

XO is without OS. So, it's OS update. What about DRM.

imt5581780d ago

In that case, that means only one thing : Xbone isn't entirely finished and Microsoft rushed Xbone just to meet launch in time against PS4.

But still, why console was bricked 24 hours after he playing COD : Ghosts. That's interesting.

n4rc1780d ago

Because people shouldn't be playing an unreleased game?

And neither is finished.. Sony is patching in features just like microsoft.. Given the massive changes ms has made, it seems likely they are under a time crunch

Mosiac771780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I think I remembered Microsoft saying back in august that the xb1 will need to be updated on day one to get rid of the DRM and other futures that the gaming community was complaining about. So yes it might still be there until the system officially launches next week.

boxer19851779d ago

it never rains, it pours

hakis861779d ago

Mr. Crazy Buttocks On A Train... truth?

Agent11779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

On another note that Cboat doesn't want you to know..

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Godmars2901780d ago

You'd think that if he actually knew he would have said something well before an actual possible incident.

Hicken1780d ago

Well, he doesn't know, or, as the article says, "when he comments on what he thinks people have assumed to be correct, he’ll lay it out there." But he does speculate.

theWB271780d ago

Both systems have the feature and leave it up to the devs...he was flat out wrong about all the nonsense he helped stir up with the system not being this is the string he clings to. It's time to give up the doom and gloom.

wishingW3L1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

This guy's on-point with the rumors. I wouldn't even touch the XB1 with a 10 foot pole.

Jeedai Infidel1780d ago

Then don't. Why is this our business? Go check out some PS4 news, if that's what your buying.

Jeedai Infidel1779d ago

Master-H, thanks, I usually point out grammatical and spelling errors, so I welcome fellow supporters of the proper use of the English language.

MAULxx1779d ago

I wouldn't touch it with a 20 foot pole with gloves on.

Sitdown1779d ago

Even if you did, why would you? Its video games not pile vaulting.

Caleb_H1779d ago

I'm a ps4 fan, but when I saw the x1 on display at my Target I couldn't help but touch it. It's so much more sleek in person and it really does look great. The kinect is small and everything looks nice together, plus it looks pretty solid. I was almost seduced, and then I stepped back, and thought to myself, "Do I really wanna pay 100 more dollars and play games at lower resolutions? No. I don't." And I walked away hoping never to see that disgusting box ever again.

iamnsuperman1780d ago

Is this really a hint? I know he is shaddy but he isn't this shoddy.

Sarobi1780d ago

Yeah I think people are looking to hard into that reply.

danny8181780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I find it insane that microsoft has been plagued with rumors from start to finish ahahah thats six. I feel bad for them