Radioshack Pre Black Friday Sale For PS Vita WiFi + 3G At $160

Techtorial: Radioshack offers an early Black Friday treat for Playstation Vita WiFi or WiFi + 3G model slashing its price to 20% off. Promo is valid until November 16.

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Snookies121776d ago

My Vita-less friend will be interested to hear of this... Mwhahaha, I'm recruiting people into the Vita army.

Lol, no seriously, it's a great handheld and this is a fantastic price.

zeee1776d ago

I don't own one but I have tried it and I must say, the build quality was just fantastic with that gorgeous screen BUT, having said that, I think Sony can do much better supporting the Vita with the software and they should try to get more third party support.

jujubee881776d ago

It sold out within the hour of being posted on GAF. lol

nevin11776d ago


And at this stage, the PSP had high quality games in its 1st 2 years.