Albert Penello Responds to Xbox DRM Rumors

Albert Penello has reached out to a follower on Twitter inquiring about whether or not DRM prevents people from playing games offline.

The question posed to him:
"Rumours of DRM still being on x1 are surfacing due to the guy that got x1 early supposedly he cant play ghost SP True?"

His reply:

Although Albert did not explain why Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts cannot be played offline, he stated that he would look into it.

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AceBlazer131780d ago

Think this issue could use more than a "No" .

Godmars2901780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Have any answers or responses MS given felt in the slightest way succinct since the XB1 was announced?

MS has the ability to brick a console by remote? To switch it off or on? That's a nice thought.

BoriboyShoGUN1780d ago

To be fair Gods I believe both Sony and MS could brick your console in a heartbeat if they really wanted to.

JohnnyBadfinger1780d ago

Nothing is as clear as "no".
You people aren't buying his reply because let's face it, his answer doesn't suit your agenda. You want it to be true. You hate the Xbox brand with such passion it's impossible for your selves to be called gamers. Everything your playstation is now! Would be nothing with out the Xbox as competition.

Microsoft can't win with you people. They give a long explained answer "too much info, typical PR response"
Give a short response that is clear as day "too vague, needs more explaining"

Why does everything have too be a conspiracy with you guys?
Do you all board your windows every night before you go too bed? No? Then why are you so scared of a gaming machine?

Godmars2901780d ago

Not on a whim they can't. Not without massive complaints and class action lawsuits right behind.

MS was already going to be flamed on the consumer market with what they had planned and they're still feeling the effects in lower pre-order numbers. If people actually buy the consoles and either MS or Sony say that's it no more console, they would have to be bailing out of the console industry as well. Cause no one would touch another system from them. Ever.

UncleGermrod1780d ago

any company could do it, technically

BoriboyShoGUN1780d ago

Well no not on a whim, but im sure if you violate the terms of service they both can brick the hell out of your console. If they really wanted to.

4Sh0w1780d ago

"Rumours of DRM still being on x1 are surfacing..."


Seems pretty clear to me.  I think people are desperately trying to create a problem where there is none.

abzdine1780d ago

is it me or he's trying to have the Shu style?

mcstorm1780d ago

Wow is this site just full of bitching people? If you don't like the xbox one why are you even commenting on this? Go and comment on what you love about the console you want as this will make you feel better instead of moaning which people seem to do more on here than enjoy the news.

Septic1780d ago

Lol because Shu has a patent on the word 'No'

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Eonjay1780d ago

Something seems really weird about this whole thing. First the guy said he could only play offline after he updated. Then he said his console was banned, then he said he couldn't play games.

It looks like Microsoft intentionally bricked his system. If he was playing online before, then he can't after a console ban. That is a hardcore ban right there.

kingdip901780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Unless its a check in thing... online play is active as long as you log every now and then to live.... he hasn't been on live for a bit and now can't play.

Either its a bricked system as you say or check ins are still active on this xbox or somethimg else is going on

Who knows really

Eonjay1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Okay I'm going to bed but before I do I got a funny one for you...

Remember back in June when Microsoft said that you had to be authenticated within 24 hours or you system would brick... well damn if the system didn't brick approximately one day after the news broke.

That being said, there is no way he could have gotten a legitimate update. Lets wait for an update.

kingdip901780d ago

Yeah it doesn't sound like whatever he downloaded was the actual day one update that promises to get rid of the drm... unless this is an infinity ward clock in requirement but its all speculation at this point.

This is enough of a blow to effect xbox one sales though... this will turn a few early adopters off for sure.

hulk_bash19871780d ago

Hopefully this "issue" gets resolved/clarified before the Xbox One releases. But all I can think about right now is that in 4 days I will finally get my hands on that beautiful piece of hardware.

BoriboyShoGUN1780d ago

I tell you thing these bastards have learned, and that is to respond quickly!!!!!! They dont waste anytime jumping on a rumour now lol!

Magicite1780d ago

Albert, Albert, we get it. Nothing has changed, MS were and still are a liar company.

drsfinest721780d ago

Oh like shu giving "no" answers ont twitter too? Lol

rainslacker1780d ago

Maybe he's trying the Sony approach with @yosp responses.

Of course those typically tend to be yes or no questions posed.

Xavilend1780d ago

Unreleased hardware needs an explanation for not working properly now? wow.

TheLyonKing1780d ago

Here is a better one, its all software rather than in box they can flick the switch whenever they want.

Once they have a big enough install base they could easily patch it in on an update. Nothing is to stop them.

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M-M1780d ago

Sorry Albert, you can't answer like Shuhei on this topic =P.

osamede11780d ago

so shuhei has a trademark on "no"? gotcha

Bigpappy1780d ago

Okay Albert they wouldn't listen to me so its all yours buddy.

Eonjay1780d ago

Oh God stop. I actually went digging because I wanted to know. Whether it was true or not, it was worth finding out. You didn't know and you didn't care. If this system exploded in your face you would still find a way to defend it.

Sci0n1780d ago

lol with his eyes gone and ears melted he would mumble in his last words cloud computing rules then croak.

tiffac0081780d ago

Hopefully its just a misprint on the back cover, like those PS4 games that didn't say they have Remote Play supported, when they are.

Riderz13371780d ago

Why the hell would I listen to you lol?!

Beastforlifenoob1780d ago

Possibly, because he works at Microsoft??? Do you. Currently I trust no one and since im not buying an XBOX one or getting it early I give less then 2 shits and considering 99.999% of the people here are complaining why the fuck are they wastin time,effort and energy bashing a feature of something they are not going to purchase as if it affects them somehow. WOW you sad mofos, both the trolls bashing microsoft and those defending it... WTF are you defending a company, companies dont give jack ass about their customers, only the customers wallet, your practically a slave to the companies you are so fervently protecting.

SpitFireAce851780d ago

It needs the cloud thats why you can't play it offline...;)

Riderz13371780d ago

They have to get that extra 360P somewhere to make it native 1080P =P

Magicite1780d ago

You mean, to make it upscaled 1080p.

ELCUCO1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

He has no clue what's going always. He just made an appearance on GAF to confirm it to us how lost he is.
Edit: added link

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