Moonlightswami Not Tied by MS NDA, But Can't Talk About The Xbox One UI

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "Seems like Moonlightswami did not actually sign an NDA agreement with Microsoft about not discussing the Xbox One UI. Seems like it was only a verbal agreement, as it were, with Microsoft, with the trip to the Xbox One Launch event with Major Nelson just an added incentive to not talk about said UI to the public, or even use it."

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Bigpappy1711d ago

The lies are just being exposed one on top of the other. This Xbox sabotage mission is failing miserably. Just too many people crying 'wolf!'. The locals run out with the pitch forks. No wolf. They will soon stop listening if you don't stop.

Shad0wRunner1711d ago

XBox Sabotage mission? Seriously?

Microsoft did their OWN sabotaging...all year long. Started with DRM, then Kinect, now this "upscaled" 1080p garbage. All of which prompted a series of 180's by Microsoft, forcing them to go back on everything they wanted to do, originally. Now, some dude comes out, who got his XB1 early and was coerced into a "verbal" agreement not to talk about the XB1's UI until launch...and you wanna grab straws just because there was a minor misunderstanding over the NDA??? He was asked by Microsoft not to talk about it. NDA or no NDA...that's still pretty shady. Then to ban him over it....even shadier...and NOW we hear that his COD Ghost game wont even play offline?!

Noone is crying wolf, here. Facts are facts. Were just callin BS where we see it.

dantesparda1711d ago

Thank you, but these fanboys cant see it

rainslacker1711d ago

I don't prescribe to Bigpappy's "sabotage mission" theory, and I am a pretty big Sony fan, but really, this whole thing with MS "coercing" this guy into not spilling the beans is stretching things a bit too thin.

It's taking way too much on assumption, and it disregards what moonlightswami has said himself on the matter. There are times when some things have to be taken at face value, and my gut is telling me this is one of those times.

MS has done enough stupid crap this year that for those that want to point out their faults, they don't have to resort to discrediting what appears to be a fairly normal Xbox fan, and from his comments a pretty decent guy.

The more plausible reason why MS doesn't want him to disclose this info is that they have some big marketing plans to do so themselves. With the PS4 launching this week, there is no doubt they want to be in control of what information gets out there and when in order to counter-act whatever moves Sony makes in the coming weeks. This would seem evident with the fact that every media outlet with access to what this guy has, is under an NDA to not disclose it. That is a pretty common use of the NDA agreement, and isn't always used to hide negative aspects of a product.

MasterCornholio1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Microsoft locking the poor kids console until the 22nd shows how much control they can have on your system. In think that warrants a few articles to inform future buyers that Microsoft has complete control over your system.

Microsoft is doing this all to themselves.

P.S I know that Sony could probably do the same thing but there is absolutely no evidence that supports that. Just like there's no evidence that supports the PS4s DRM patch.

Nexus 7 2013

tiffac0081711d ago

Biggy weren't you one of the guys who called out the PS fanboys when they claimed there is a conspiracy against Sony because of all the bad press it was getting way back when the PS3 was tripping all over and the 360 was beating it all over? Now your doing this?

5eriously1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

What lies Bipappy? What lies?

Please list them all and show how they were debunked. For your sake I wish they were "lies" or rather misinterpretation or misinformation but at this current moment the current circumstantial "evidence" goes against that notion. So just inform us properly so we can make an informed decision already.

I doubt you can pappy but start with the 720p rumours

@ trolls Belking and NoPowerOfGreen

Please tell us, just a hint will do!
The power of ze cloudz
Secret sauce
3.8 tFlops
MisterX is Godz
CBoat is the devilz
No more DRM from M$ ever
The eXBox720p was ready since 2012
There's an international conspiracy against the eXB0Ne
add whatever you want to change the reality

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Belking1711d ago

Some nice surprises coming in the next few days for Xbox 1 .

Kayant1711d ago

Oh yh insider said dGPU is getting activated then :) /s

mos61421711d ago

Why are people treating this dude as a celeb from both sides?
most of the time he says one thing, then backtracks. Il rather wait for informative post than this nonsense.

BobBelcher1711d ago

lol... So damn true. Some random guy gets lucky and BAM! Gaming Celebrity. Definitely puts Leroy Jenkins to shame.

5eriously1711d ago

Bob, that's how life works. Very small and simple incidents like "getting the first XB0Ne and comment on it" can make you a household name or this case the "gaming world" rather. Attach to that the controversy and the banning of the console then remember the "Steisand Effect"!

Moon was just a commenting gaming student now he is known by thousands!

Chris121711d ago

Albert speaks, Sony Ponys back to your caves

FYI it's 11pm on a Sunday, so people aren't exactly quick to respond to work email. I wanted to check in before I shut-down for the evening. This is what I believe is going on:

We still have two more weeks before launch - the console is in a pre-release state. We are doing regular updates - I personally took one a few minutes before he posted. His build is now old. This is why we were saying we didn't want people on early - it's not done yet.

This behavior is only because we are in pre-release. When we launch, console will work exactly as you expect today on 360.

For sure this has nothing to do with requiring a connection. There is no "DRM removal" in the Day One update because none of the consoles were ever built with that stuff in it.

This also has nothing to do with COD. The Day One update just brings the SW up to date with the latest versions vs. what's on the box. But there is no 24 check in, that's for sure.

Cuders1711d ago

dude shut up with the sony pony stuff you're being a hypocrite you're telling fanboys to stop doing what you're doing. in what way is that right? At the moment i was a solid xbox fan i hated my PS3 so much i gave it to my Aunt for netflix ETC. Microsoft is the reason no one wants a Xbox one. instead of being supportive microsoft basically told their costumers to go F themselves and you allow it. Being a fan of a console is not bad but it has been determined that way because people dont have the same opinion. Sony has won so far FACE THE FACTS. Developer friendly,Ease of use,Powerful,Low priced,Better controller. that doesn't mean microsoft can't come back and sweep people off of their feet but they need better PR people so far microsoft is sabotaging its own name and its sad to see one of my favorite companys do so.

Chris121711d ago

Worse controller (possibly with issues), unreliable online service and no games. All that power just for Octodad. Enjoy.

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