PlayStation World Magazine GTA 4 Review 10/10

"GTA IV is quite possibly the most breathtaking game of the last decade."

The PlayStation World Magazine (PSW) has awarded GTA IV with 10/10 and said that it is "A masterpiece from both a technical and storyline standpoint. You have not and probably never will play another game quite like it again".

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scoobysnacks3883d ago

another perfect score, looks like this game could very well be the top contender for game of the year. My anticipation for this game is now so high, still 3 days week I'm not going to have any sort of social life, hell maybe none for the next month. I better take a photo of the outside world to keep by my PS3, just so I don't forgot what it looks like.

Relcom3883d ago

of some trees on your PS3 and use it as your wallpaper.

Maddens Raiders3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

should not be given to this game on either system.

When you pull the trigger of a shotgun, pointblank on someone's forehead, they should lose their entire skull; nothing should be in tact -- am I right? That would be real "perfection" in my opinion, just to be technically accurate. When you pass cops in a speeding car (cop car) they should immediately turn around or try to block your escape, follow you with extreme passion, etc...instead of the customary follow until "crook leaves detection circle"...If that's the case I think I'll go rob a bank right now and then drive myself out of the detection zone, and wait for the all

Look, I'm not trying to be ball buster, but let's bring full realism into the fold....FULL REALISM. Make the gamer earn their escape skills, to feel truly rewarded when they can outrun a squad of cops, ditch a car, run into a mall, and come out of a tunnel downtown undetected....You following me?

Small gripes aside, I'll enjoy this game fully when launched just for the sheer fun factor in the sandbox. 10/10, no - 9/10 yes.

Jinxstar3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

@ Maddens Raiders.

Why not. I see you post that every time but never saw you post it when Halo 3 was getting them...

The truth is... Do you believe in extra credit? One time I wrote a story in class for an english assignment. I got it back and got 101%... I asked how it was possible. my teacher replied "You can climb to the top of mount everest right? thats 100% but you can still jump =D"

I thought about it and seem to think that you can't appreciate it. Maybe the reviewers playing through thought the story should have gotten a 20/10 but can't give that so instead they look over a glitch here and there. Or the fact that... Whatever I am sure there is no convincing you but I still feel that

Zelda OOT, Earthworm Jim, Donkey Kong Country, Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario 3, Mega Man X to name a few were perfect for what they were. 10/10 in my book. Why? how could it be? because they were perfect for what they were... you look at GTA and seem to want an unltra realistic game... Thats not what they offer. They offer a "Fun" game. Looking at San Andreas and Area 51 and the "Jet Pack" and a Gangster flying a harrier is stupid as hell but guess what? It was fun =D I think an ultra realistic game would be boring... If someone says "Come back tuesday at noon" then I really have to wait til tuesday at noon.... FUN man. I believe what the reviewers are saying is its great. Hands down the most "Fun" you will have because thats what gaming is about. If I really wanted ultra realism I would walk outside and get it.

Get over it dude. It's only gonna get more because for what it is its great. You can't go buy a rocket launcher from the corner store in real life what makes you think anything else should be perfect....

When you work for a review site you can give your own 2 cents until then just try not to be such a joy kill dude

You know maybe they wont follow you the way you like but 1. You haven't played it and I think the chasing will be pretty insane and 2. you can't drive through a floating cop star in real life and bribe the cops down either....

scoobysnacks3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Perfection is like a utopia, an ideal. How can you define perfection when perfection is an absolute shaped by an individuals view? Perfection would be flawlessness, but how can something be flawless or, indeed, flawed just because someone says that it is? Everyone has a different definition of perfection. It would be impossible to find a definitive model. Much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perfection is purely subjective, it cannot be defintive.

In this instance we know that once all the reviews are in over the coming months, from every website and magazine (even the ones we’ve never heard of before), the metacritic overall score will most certainly not be 100%. It may be 95%, maybe slightly higher, but not 100%, i.e not perfect. How could anything be perfect, there is always room to improve. The scores of 10/10 are subjective to the individuals that reviewed this game, but don’t take it as gospel, its just a guide, i.e. if you like this type of game, its a must buy.

So for GTA IV, (most gamers out there like the GTA series, although their are some people who don’t like, and thats fair enough), this game will be great and i’m sure worth such a high score in the top 90’s, but perhaps the word perfect shouldn’t be used, my bad.

PS, sorry for the boring speech.

PS, this game is still gonna destroy my social life.

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xm15e2s3883d ago

I might be the only person on the planet who never intends to play this game.
I find the whole GTA series to be very boring and just plain lame.

Mikelarry3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

alone my friend.i dont find it lame or boring im not just into the series. love sandbox games.played the first one on the ps1 and that was it. the funny stuff tho is that i love saints row.

Edit:@ hidef ill try it. the reason why i even played the first one was because i got it free with my ps1 i used to love just driving around and sqaushing the red necks with my car. ahh good times

BeaArthur3883d ago

Well have fun with Beautiful Katamari then.

HighDefinition3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

I`m sorry.

But If you like SR and haven`t played GTA since psOne, your missing out huge. If you like SR, TRUST ME, BUY this game. SR has nothing on GTA, if you really have played since psOne.

Cause there something seriously wrong w/ that.

for we are many3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

liked sr,never played gta,RARE CASE

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CViper3883d ago

Look, both versions are great, and will sell well. The Game system with the most users will sell more. No reason for it to continue being debatable.


BeaArthur3883d ago

It could if it was exclusive, exclusive games are what decide console wars.

HighDefinition3883d ago


All GTA is going to do is ACTUALLY start the "next-gen" for casual gamers. Which is great, BTW.

vloeistof3883d ago

rockstar is so good..

but when are big sites like

ign gamesradar gamespot gametrailers and stuff going to post there reviews ????

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