A feature on the upcoming F2P game "Nosgoth"

An opinion feature on the upcoming free-to-play multi-player game "Nosgoth", and look at what this might mean for the Legacy of Kain series.

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AceofStaves1742d ago

Sorry, no. I won't be 'making do' with a free-to-play online battle game that has no narrative, just because it's set in one of my favourite game series settings. I'll replay the LoK series instead.

Arkworthy1742d ago

Which is...kind I feel about it. I just KNOW that i'll end up playing it for 5 minutes, though. For morbid curiosity. I just wonder how many people will do the same, and how the Square-Enix PR team will say "Look, a gorillion downloads! People obviously love the game!"

Soulscare1742d ago

Agreed. This game looks nothing like what LoK is... It doesn't belong in the universe at all.

hazelamy1742d ago

they turned the Legacy of Kain series, into Team Fortress 2.

i'll pass thanks.

CursedHero1742d ago

Ha! One could write a worst-off article, TF2 vs. Nosgoth ;-)