NFS Rivals PS4 interview: What makes a next-gen racer?

MMGN chats with James Mouat about a return to classic NFS gameplay in the latest entry for the popular series.

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nosferatuzodd1652d ago

damn this looks good i haven't played Need4Speed since 1997 but I'm getting this welcome back need for speed

Retroman1652d ago

"A classic return to NFS gameplay"

oh really????
more like return to criterion Hotpursuit.

SxC_Kobra1652d ago

Hot Pursuit was one of the first games in the series.. So that is pretty close to its roots, and Criterions Hot Pursuit was a pretty damn good reboot of Hot Pursuit. Your argument is invalid, please try again.

Retroman1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

@ sxc kobra

you joined today and you telling a gamer who played NFS since 3DO title : Track and Field PRESENT: THE NEED FOR SPEED to try again really!!!!!
you would think i know the changes since then unlike you criterion crapola hotpursuit is your first entry into the series. i tell you what bub buy a ps1 go to your local used game shop buy all ps1 NFS up to underground 2 then come back make a comment.
it is always best start with the original FIRST then make a comparison. then you will see why die hard NFS fans whining why it is not yet back to old school style of gaming. i rather have HOTPURSUIT 2 back with RIVAL graphic's

nosferatuzodd1651d ago

you sir are right,
we probably was playing this game when SxC_Kobra was walking around with a nipple bottle in his mouth

Applejack1652d ago

I also can't wait for Driveclub but that has nothing to do with this article.

stavrami1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Caption says what makes next gen racer? I said driveclub :-)

memots1652d ago

Day night cycle ? Real time lighting ? Customization ? Sim physic that you can turn into arcade by adding assists? 1080p ? Lots of tracks and environment ? , I could seriously go on.