Nintendo Won’t Be Forced to Discontinue Wii U Next Year

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer writes: "Another day, another impending doom warning for Nintendo, this time from glorified online forum ‘Motley Fool’ whose contributor is warning investors that Nintendo might have to discontinue Wii U next year due to an “abysmal” first year.

The article is, of course, standard alarmist link bait masquerading as helpful advice, so I thought this week I would show the same arguments raised by the piece but in a slightly different light. Could a batch of arbitrary numbers be manipulated to spell success for Nintendo? Perhaps, but let’s start with the first point raised by the author."

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jhoward5851740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Good read.

Nintendo are definitely cooking up something b/c Nintendo has never been this quiet before.

My gut feeling tell me Nintendo are spending the extra time polishing up their games like they did with Mario 3d world.

3D Mario visual sucked at first, but when Nintendo updated the graphics, Mario became a masterpieces

KingKelloggTheWH1740d ago

I can't wait to see the new Zelda and I need tosee more of X.

jhoward5851740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I Can't wait to see Zelda too. especially after knowing this is Nintendo most ambitious project yet.

I want to see X as well. I'm pretty sure their working hard on it.

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

mikeslemonade1740d ago


Nintendo had been more quiet with the Wii just that it wasn't that big of a deal when it was selling.

NeoTribe1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Maybe the reason nintendo has never been so quiet is because they have never done so horrible. Not sure how you turned that into them having some kinda secret sauce ready to blow on everyone's faces soon. I really think nintendo is done for. There hardware sucks, there software sucks, there online is basic and uninspired, and they have no games or third party support.

Neonridr1739d ago

Their software sucks? Can you name me a FIRST PARTY Sony or MS game that has sold over 20 million copies? And a pack-in Kinect game doesn't count...

I'll give you a hint - They don't have any, the highest selling game from Sony is GTA: San Andreas - a 3rd party game. Call of Duty MW3 is the highest selling MS game (another 3rd party game).

Nintendo has 14 titles alone that have sold over 20 million copies (not counting Mario Brothers, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports since those were pack-ins at some point).

Why don't you go troll somewhere else.

Reeze1739d ago

One bubble? Nice...

"There hardware sucks, there software sucks, there online is basic and uninspired, and they have no games or third party support."

Their*, by the way. The hardware is amazing. I, for one, actually care about the experiences it gives me, not simply graphics. Wii U fans are fans of it because it's fun and innovative.

Their software is amazing. It's the best I've ever played. Look at sales and you can see that people disagree with what you said...

Their online services are not basic. The Wii U's online services are a huge leap, and there are only a few things I could think of to improve them.

You keep saying "no games," but have you been living under a rock? There are plenty of games to play.

clouds51739d ago

And most importantly the WiiU will be the only console with FREE online play.

_QQ_1740d ago

I really can't wait for X. easily my mostanticipated game.

Shad0wRunner1740d ago

Not a surprise, the first 2 comments here...are from people expecting new Mario and Zelda games. Sad, really. That an entire company has brainwashed people into thinking that's all theyre capable of producing, to the point to where thats all people expect from them, now.

It's great news to people who love Mario, Zelda and DK games. And if those games are your bread and butter, more power to you. I remember a time when Nintendo was capable of producing so much more than just their star franchises, tho.

Deep in my heart, Nintendo died a long time ago.

herbs1740d ago

Would love to see something different from Nintendo also. Have my fingers crossed for a mature themed Takamuras Ninja Castle game which is possible seeing as it was in Nintendo Land. The original was a Zelda esc action adventure game with darker themes. Also would love to see them bring back Mach Rider or 1080 snowboarding, F Zero is also a must and I think likely (New Mario Kart game engine is the stepping stone, that's my theory)

Misaka_x_Touma1740d ago

The Wonderful 101
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Disaster Day of Crisis
need I list more

NightStalker331740d ago

This carries on to other companies too though. How many people expect a halo and gears of war on Xbox? Enough to warrant 5 halo and 4 gears games in a single gen.

Sony takes blame too. 3 Uncharted games on one console, along with countless hd "remakes", which are really just upscaled ps2 games?

Nintendo relies on franchises that they know people will buy just like any other company. And these games are met with critical and financial success, showing that the market has interest in them. And unless you've been ignoring games like Xenoblades, Zombiu, and Wonderful 101, then I don't get why you're comparing old Nintendo to the new one.

Shad0wRunner1740d ago

Right...except Nintendo is the only company currently in existence and in all of history to repeatedly churn out 28 years worth of rehashed franchises.

Cant exactly say that about Sony and Microsoft. At what point does enough, become enough? How many Mario, Zelda, Metroid and DK games does Nintendo think we need, per generation? Nearly 3 decades worth, apparently.

Neonridr1739d ago

@Shad0wRunner - how many games do you think we have from each generation. We get 1 Zelda game per hardware iteration (Wind Waker was sort of an exception). We usually only get 1-2 True 3D Mario games.

Normally we get 1 (maybe 2) games of each franchise on each console. Want to know why? Because it takes time to actually make these games properly.

I love how Nintendo apparently milks their franchises yet we only see one game every 2-3 years.. I find that absolutely hilarious.

You say Mario is rehashed yet you forget that there are 2-3 different Mario genres. New Super Mario Bros is it's own type of game that appeals to its own market. True 3D Mario games (Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy) only usually come one per generation.

As a poster above mentioned, Microsoft had 5 Halo titles on the 360 alone (6 if you count Halo Wars). They had 4 Gears of War titles. Sony had 3 Uncharted titles so they are just as guilty.

ritsuka6661740d ago

Deep in my heart, Nintendo died a long time ago. "''

Nintendo have millions of fans ,they not need you.

TheLyonKing1740d ago

Every consumer counts and right now Nintendo need everyone they can get.

More mature style games are needed by Nintendo as well as unified accounts, seriously Nintendo why do I have a seperate 3ds account and wii account!!

truechainz1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

"Right...except Nintendo is the only company currently in existence and in all of history to repeatedly churn out 28 years worth of rehashed franchises.

Cant exactly say that about Sony and Microsoft. At what point does enough, become enough?"

Do you seriously think that if Sony or Microsoft had a game that was as well known around the world as mario that sold well with almost every release that they wouldn't do the same thing? Be real here. They would kill for that. If Crash would have sold as much as Mario or more (which it did sell very well still), then you better believe we would see new iterations on every Sony platform. I think that Sony and Microsoft realize that they simply cannot create an icon and get the same response that Mario or Zelda gets. This is not a bad thing, because now they have a great place in gaming because they realize how fickle gamers are so they more commonly work on new characters rather than build on older ones. I think each has its place, but don't pretend like they are not making properties like Mario out of choice.

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The_Truth_24_71740d ago

Not next year, this year.

Misaka_x_Touma1740d ago

never til next system arrive.

Drainage1740d ago

I always love the argument that ninty has all this cash so they are totally fine with losing millions of dollars every year.

Reality is, they wont kill the wii u because it would hurt their brand and consumer trust which would cost more than a few millions. At most, they would try to slowly phase it out. I see them slowly giving up on the core market after zelda/X if they dont become system sellers.

GoldenElf1739d ago

I don't think they're happy to lose their cash pile, but when a company has $10 billion in their back pocket and zero debt, that company should be attractive to investors.

Which is really what the doom and gloom articles are all about: scaring off investors. I mean, saying "this company is crap" doesn't really do much to customers like you or I -- Apple is an arrogant company, but I'm writing this comment on a Macbook.

Anyway, running a game console like Wii U is more delicate than people give credit for. Nintendo need to woo fans, new customers, investors, publishers, developers and now apparently the media -- all this while trying to bolster the integrity of the video game industry as a whole (for example, refusing to throw money at third party developers simply because it's what Microsoft does).

So that end, I think they're doing just fine. Actually, more than just fine. The Nintendo 3DS is a prime example of how media and customers (or "anti-customers") talk a product into the ground and how Nintendo conservatively and carefully rebuild it into an unstoppable force.

Ol_G1739d ago

i wish more people had common sense like you on this site

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