Xbox One: Retirement Home (tv ad)

With Xbox One, rivals, friends and former NFL players, Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis discuss retirement while playing Madden and watching an NFL game at the same time.

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JokesOnYou1656d ago

Cool stuff. "Xbox Snap TV"

Zuperman1656d ago

Even if this was featured on the PS4, I'd still wouldn't use it. Just look how tiny the NFL game was compared to the Madden game. This feature is just a gimmick.

Jokes on you XBOX.

MightyNoX1656d ago

For truth. It's just so counter-intuitive.

black0o1656d ago

this ad is competing against smart TVs .. the ad is way better

JokesOnYou1656d ago

"Even if this was featured on the PS4. I'd still wouldn't use it."

Sure you wouldn't, just like a lot of sonyfanboys swore they would never pay to play online. Now its such a bargain.

The butthurt is strong in this thread.

OlgerO1656d ago

I didnt like this add at all to be honest, but then again its not targeted at me but at footballfans.

christocolus1656d ago

great ad...ignore the trolls

theRell1656d ago

Had to be Ray Lewis...
Go Steelers.

Bigpappy1656d ago

I have seen a lot of article on games being made specifically to help rehab stroke victims using Kinect. They have been having great results form it. The patients would play for up to an hour doing stuff like rowing boats. when asked how long they think they were playing, would respond 10 mins. As a result the recovery is a lot quicker.

I would like M$ to make some Game show and casino like games that work with Kinect, so my parents can get some use out of it.

n4gamingm1656d ago

they need to bring back 1vs100 or deal or no deal those where fun

DeathOfTheFanBoy1656d ago

Agreed, me and my wife use to play 1vs100 all the time and had loads of fun, never understood them retiring it tbh...

NarcolepZZZZZZ1656d ago

How dare you pint an Xbox in a positive light! Apparently whenever you say something good about one a puppy gets cancer so watch out.

theWB271656d ago

Only a crazy person thinks these extra features won't sell consoles. Dig the ads...

bleedsoe9mm1656d ago

people that play madden and maybe 1 or 2 other games a year , these features are going to be very appealing , and they sell they crap out of titanfall as the next cod , with cod having a down year . you never know !

theWB271656d ago

Exactly. Even though I play all types of games. I will be using that exact feature. Playing sports games while watching sports. Gaming bliss.

black0o1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

there are great but smart Tvs already are doing this .. skype, snaping ..etc and the best part is no paywall

Cyfyxtfg1656d ago

@black. Ur missing the point bro. U can do all this stuff while connected to your xbox. Your friends list and your games. It just makes everything really convienent. Instead of switching inputs u just get to switch to whatever u want. Tv's cant compare to the xbox

black0o1656d ago

^^ i know and that's what i like about the console so far but it's not enough to make me spend 500$ just for that

if Halo5 turned out to be great like 3 or 2 and MS kept the exclusive coming i'd then

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The story is too old to be commented.