Killzone Shadow Fall is the only next-gen game in Amazon's Top 100 2013 list

Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller list for games currently only lists one PS4/Xbox One game and surprisingly its not Call of Duty/Battlefield/Assassin' s Creed.

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M-M1773d ago

Great to see that this game won't be underrated, they deserve recognition for their dedication and hard work.

TomShoe1773d ago

Several PS4 games will be making their way onto that list very soon.

xPhearR3dx1773d ago

Well it is probably the best next-gen looking game. Everyone who's getting a PS4 wants to see that game for themselves. It's eye candy. I had fun with Killzone 2, hated Killzone 3, but Killzone Shadow Fall looks to be much better than any previous title. They've actually changed A LOT and it's looking like for the better. Not to mention, there's not too many launch games to choose from.

I got this with my PS4 Bundle, then I just got Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed IV off Amazon for $65 thanks to the code they sent me (B1G1 Free) for pre-ordering my PS4. It's going to be a kick ass upcoming weekend. Can't wait!

AbortMission1773d ago

*sad face* bbut.. Ryse? cloudz?

GiggMan1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Title could have just stopped at "Killzone Shadow Fall is the only Next Gen game" :-)

mkis0071773d ago

Is that supposed to be a wink?

I find it amazing that it breaks the top 100 over a college football game on xbox360!

I also find it amazing that even Call of Duty ps4 has been out since the 5th and isnt ahead of this.

ZBlacktt1773d ago

"No, it isn’t Call of Duty Ghosts, nor is it Battlefield 4 or Assassin’s Creed."

All 3 of these has way more pre orders. But maybe more of those buyers went through Gamestop, etc.

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