Here's How To Get Extra 30% Off Target's B2G1 Free Deal

Nerdacy: After hearing about this workaround people are doing at Target, getting a 30% coupon and applying it to the store’s Buy 2 Get 1 free deal this week, I had to try it out–and it worked! I got 3 brand new games for $90!

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bobsmith1774d ago

dam and I pre ordered on psn for 10 dollars back per 50 spent....

speed3891774d ago

I did this today at my target and it worked perfect. No issues. I got my coupon and got all three ps4 tittles I wanted. It came out to like $87 :) I'm stoked and a happy gamer. Cant wait till friday :)

sincitysir11774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Wait so can u tell me exactly wat u did?!

speed3891774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I went inside target... picked up 3 pre order cards (all where ps4 watch dogs pre order cards)from electronics... took the 3 cards and went to the front registers... I told the cashier to ring up eatch card sepratley and paid for each pre order card with my debit card... on the 3rd perchase a 30% off coupon poped out and she gave it to me with my reciept... I went back to electronics and had the guy ring me up for a copy of cod ghost and knack for the ps4 and bf4 for the 360 and gave him my coupon and it took $39.00 off my purchase price. I got 3 games for about $87 out the door. When they get bf4 and killzone for the ps4 in the store ill go back and exchange my cod ghost and 360 version of bf4 for those since they are still $59.99 games. Its an even swap and confirmed I can do it as soon as they come in this week... I'm not kidding, ide post a pic of my recipt for proof if I could. Good luck everyone!!! ... oh and I returned my pre order cards when everything was all said and done lol:)

I typed this on my phone. Please Don't give me [email protected] about the spelling lol

59fifty1774d ago

How much are the preorder cards? How much were they all together?

speed3891774d ago

Pre order cards are $1 each. So I paid $3 lol ... as long as you buy anything game related it will work, i just chose the cheapest thing i could find... oh I also live in northern California just to give everyone an idea of what region of the u.s. I live in just in case these coupons are only available in certin parts of th u.s.

russellmorris521774d ago

howd you get 3 PS4 games ? you mustve gotten knack , killzone and COD? because target wont sell me anything else

vacoby51773d ago

I got Knack, NBA 2K14 and kz yesterday. I want to go back and do this deal now.

hougigo1774d ago

So I buy a pre-order card, get a 30% off coupon and then use that for the B2G1?

holdmyown831774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I did this yesterday I got an Assassins creed card and two watch dogs. Mines spit out one on the first card. I'll be at target as soon as I get off Tuesday morning. #3rdshifter

P.s if it doesn't work return them before u leave the store and try again. Also I used my debit card and MAKE SURE THE REGISTER U GO TO HAS PAPER IN THEM!! U may wanna watch them all before u check out

Xgamer251773d ago

Worked for me this morning. Got my 30% off on second transaction.

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The story is too old to be commented.