Outgrowing Mario: The state of Nintendo

An opinion piece on Nintendo and the main Mario series that focuses on stagnation of the series, the views of the fans and where the company seems to be going in the future.

Delicious anti-Nintendo tears.

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BullyMangler1774d ago

fanpie envious that Nintendo is number one over the rest?


KonsoruMasuta1773d ago

This guy's tears are delicious. He even mentions the 3DS, which is doing quite well.
If you're worried about the 3D hurting you eyes, don't use it.

CaulkSlap1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Nintendo's actual core fanbase is probably in their late 20s-30s. I mean most kids today are moving to Call of Duty crap at 12 and leaving Nintendo in the dust. If anything Nintendo has failed to gain new long term fans by skewing so far towards hold your hand kiddy crap in games. They survive today on nostalgia for a bygone era where their games were actually challenging and cutting edge.

KonsoruMasuta1773d ago

That's really false. Every time I go out, I see some little kid with a 3DS. You assume that every kid is moving on to Call of Duty, but that isn't the case. You're trying to tell me that the 3DS became one of the best selling pieces of gaming hardware on the market right now only because of 20 year olds living on nostalgia?

Arkworthy1773d ago

Well, the kids don't buy the systems. Their parents do. And their parents grew up with Nintendo, in many cases, so they're not unbiased.

We've left the age of clueless parents, now. Most of them know about the vidya.

KonsoruMasuta1773d ago

And you think these kids don't ever ask for a 3DS? I mean, it's pretty popular and everybody has one. When I was a kid, I wanted whatever was popular and whatever my friends had. Kids are still like that these days too.

You can't seriously think that the only reason kids have a 3DS is because in their parents bought it just because they themselves grew up with Nintendo.

Arkworthy1773d ago

sure they might ask for a 3DS. But I think a growing percentage of sales is down to parents wanting their kids to grow up with the games they grew up with.

I'm not saying it's the "only reason". I'm not saying they "don't ever ask". Either you're trying to put words in my mouth, or you're trying to set up straw men. Neither would be very useful.

Nabbic1773d ago

Excellently put, as someone who used to be a major Nintendo fan, I find that they rely too much on the character and not the game.

There is common misconception among Nintendo fans that because they do not focus on graphics, story, or even multiplayer, they focus on gameplay and providing actual games for gamers… This is not the case.
Rayman Legends and even Origins have been significantly superior to any Mario platformer. And games like Sound Shapes, or Little Big Planet bring actual new content and innovation to the genre, yet Mario platformers will often involve the same locations, the same enemies, the same mechanics, the same plot, the same everything… But it’s okay because Mario can now wear something new, so it’s focusing on new and exciting gameplay.

Nintendo fans seem more or less cultists as of recent. Any sort of fanboyism is bad, but they take the cake, and Nintendo is quite literally the bulletproof company you described. And for pointing this out, you shall expect a large amount of flaming heading your way.

wheresmymonkey1773d ago

You make a good point. LBP did some amazing things with content creation on consoles. The only problem is that the actual platforming side of things is pretty ropey.

Don't get me wrong its an amazing game but there's a tightness to mario that other platfromers lack.

Say what you want about their over reliance on stock characters and tropes, but they do bring the best out of the devlopers they work with. Rare are proof of that.

skydragoonity1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

The mario franchise has been milked so bad If mario was a cow he would be broomstick thin

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