Marc Whitten Says It’s Possible To Merge Separate Clips In Xbox One Game DVR

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Xbox Marc Whitten said to a fan on Twitter that it is possible to merge two separate clips in Xbox One Game DVR together.

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theRell1711d ago

Thought it was said possible before. Nice though.

christocolus1711d ago

wow thats great...that means using the editing software you could have videos that are longer than 5mins.. ..and better still you could merge videos from different games and upload..thats what he is saying right?

theRell1711d ago

I think it's multiple clips into a project that's a maximum length of 5 minutes.

christocolus1711d ago

ok...thanks for clearing that up ..

XxGOWxX1711d ago

If you watch the dashboard video released the other day it shows you can add multiple clips in the upload app. Iirc it's 5 clips.

christocolus1711d ago

nice...i didnt know that.

1711d ago
AceBlazer131711d ago

merge three 5 min clips and voila you have 15 mins unless your still limited to 5 mins of edited footage.

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