Blizzard Working On Bringing Warcraft & Warcraft II To Modern PCs

A small team within Blizzard Entertainment is working to bring the original Warcraft real-time strategy games — Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness — to modern PCs, according to World of Warcraft production director J. Allen Brack.

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Relientk771778d ago

Nice hopefully this means Warcraft 4 is coming

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1778d ago

Warcraft 2 amazing game and no blizz are releasing a moba instead heroes of the storm so no warcraft 4 :<

Dagobert1778d ago

Well just because they're making a small low budget moba game, doesn't mean they're not working on anything else.

Dehnus1778d ago

I think this is more probing to see if people still like an RTS rather then MOBA games. If you want WC4 you'll have to show it I suppose. But really I think they will not release a new Warcraft RTS, and just keep going with the far more popular WOW. 90% of the people playing that game did nto play a Warcraft game before it.

So best to get used to it.

If they release WC4, it might still be very gimped. TO keep it "Horde vs Alliance". We would have a step back in story and posibilities of races/armies. WC3 really diversified from WC2. With the Undead and Night elves added as two different armies. ONtop of that they later added slight alterations ont hem with the Blood Elves and Forsaken.

Now for WC4, if they would release it, they would want to tap into the popularity of WoW. So import your "hero" as the main hero, and only Alliance vs Horde no longer :Orc campaign, Human Campaign, Scourge Campaign,etc. After all they would want to tie it in to sell as much as possible THat also means they wouldn't do anything daring like a Tauren GEnocide by the Forsaken.. or a Dwarf Genocide by angry racist populist humans... etc.

So big chance Warcraft 4 will be like a WOW expansion. Storywise... a tad boring becaues of how they are tied to the posibilities and not daring to take risks. After all they never expected it to be such a runaway success, so it is very understandable that they would not dare to estrange those people.

Sad really, as my Orc feels VERY old by now. My poor old Blade Master is ITCHING to beat up some FOrsaken! :P.

maddskull1778d ago

hopefully when they bring it back more people will try it and the demand goes higher for warcraft 4

Ratty1778d ago

I thought they already did that with Warcraft 2 Battle.Net Edition? The first was definitely never remastered though.