Shooter Showdown: Call of Duty Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4

Chris West brings the two yearly shooters to an ultimate showdown: "It’s that time again, the almost yearly battle between FPS juggernauts Battlefield and Call of Duty. Despite this rivalry of the ages, the two seem to more and more alike each year. I feel like the two are twin brothers, torn asunder by fate and raised by different parents. Nobody cares about their tragic upbringing though, just who won the fight this year. The rules are simple: each game will be judged in different areas before the winner will be decided. Let the match begin."

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1710d ago

Both games are pretty mediocre so far to me especially Cod, Bf3 was good but bf4 seems like very little effort went into it i want Bad company 3 tbh.

snipab8t1710d ago

Very true, both games seem sub-standard compared to their predecessors. I wish that battelfield would ditch the campaign and bring back instant action with bots and even splitscreen.

Insomnia_841710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I heard the PS4 version is running better than PC. Some guys on a website even recommended it.

Autodidactdystopia1710d ago

Yeah have fun with that.

notice fps up in top corner, that's 1920x1200 ultra

Kleptic1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

haha i'd wait to hold judgement on both the ps4 and xbox one until the game is released...Not only will bf4 be a buggy mess for the time being, who knows how well the PS4's PSN and everything else is going to be (same with xbl)...

launches are never matter what platform...the PC version was atrocious for a few days, but is coming around fairly quickly...7 server updates in 10 days helped, but a client side patch is needed soon in order to get the cpu usage down for a lot of players...

just saying...the next gen consoles are most likely not going to fair any better...they have nearly zero 'real' play testing on those systems...all we can hope for is fast updates that actually make things better...and not worse...

and Insomnia...better than what? Any PC? Absolutely not...Some PC's are screaming through bf4 and reporting little to no crashes, stuttering, etc...but others are having just depends on fact, the game seemingly performs better on mid range PC's right now...where its not taking advantage of higher end parts (cpu wise, its fine gpu wise)...but who knows, it'll take another week or two to get it really smoothed out...

Intentions1710d ago

BF4 and CoD ghost seems a bit rushed, mainly cos of next gen systems coming out.

bestofthebest1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I agree I think the next gen transition has something to do with it, next year we will hopefully get an amazing cod by treyarch(zombie next gen will be great)and bf5 following that.

mcstorm1710d ago

I really do hope this is the bubble on FPS games bursting in terms of yoy release. I want to see different types of FPS games come next gen as its getting boring the same yoy now.

xReDeMpTiOnx1710d ago

They both turned out meh honestly if Killzone turns out anywhere as good as 2 or better than Killzone should actually run away with best fps

HeyYouGuyz1710d ago

The Battlefield series has never really had yearly installments the way CoD has. And the progression of the graphics engine was almost always there, rather than recycling the same one from 2008.

Battlefield Bad Company - Frostbite 1.0 - 2008
Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Frostbite 1.5 - 2010
Battlefield 3 - Frostbite 2 - 2011
Battlefield 4 - Frostbite 3 - 2013

CoD 4 Modern Warfare - id Tech Engine (IW 3.0) - 2007
CoD World at War - id Tech Engine (IW 3.0) - 2008
CoD MW2 - id Tech Engine (IW 3.0) - 2009
CoD Black Ops - id Tech Engine (IW 3.0) - 2010
CoD MW2 - MW2 Engine (they started naming the engine after the game to make it look like something was changing...) - 2011
CoD Black Ops 2 - Black Ops 2 Engine - 2012
CoD Ghosts - same engine with "significant" updates... - 2013

lezbehonest..... same shit since 07 vs always upgraded.

Kleptic1710d ago

I try not to fall for the marketing gimmick of naming a rendering engine...because there is no universal scale for what an updated engine is required to have...

for example, in terms of BF, FB1 to FB2 was a night and day difference...EVERYTHING was better visually...FB2 to FB3, much more subtle bump in technology...better physics, better lighting, and better particle effects for sure...but not some generational jump in rendering...

If anything, i think its kind of smart on Activision's part...with not get wrapped up in that naming thing...I agree with little has changed to that engine over the past decade...they'd just get made fun of even more if they tried to say 'CoD engine 5.0' now or something...

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