Super Mario 3D World Q&A - Your Questions Answered!

GameXplain: "We answer your questions about Super Mario 3D World in our Q&A video where we talk about how different the game feels compared to previous Marios, what it's like to ride inside a Koopa Shell, how the game's graphics look, how it controls compared to the original, and much, much more!"

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hduce1738d ago

I am definitely getting this game. I wonder if GameStop will allow me to pick this game up when I pick my xbox up one up on midnight? I really hate to have to make multiple trips.

Concertoine1738d ago

no reason they wouldn't, though both come out the same day so dont be surprised if you cant beat the day 1 nintendo crowd after this game.
happened to me with several 3ds games :l

hduce1738d ago

I'm not trying to start a flame war or anything like that but I am more excited about this new Super Mario 3d world than I am about any of the next gen console titles that will be out at launch. I have a PS4 pre ordered and paid for as well as Xbox One.

Concertoine1738d ago

hey man nothing wrong with having an opinion, im holding off on a ps4 til next year personally because my hands will be full enough with wii u games and nothing on the other systems has me too intrigued at launch.

SCW19821738d ago

Mario in a cat suit. Worst image ever!

Reeze1737d ago

Has this been answered? What are the slot machines on the world map?