New Trion Worlds game? CEO Scott Hartsman registers "Trove" game domains

Could something new be in the works at Trion Worlds, maker of internet game Rift? Several domain registrations in the past week seem to point to the possibility. Trion Worlds’ CEO Scott Hartsman and brand protection agency MarkMonitor registered a slew of names related to an unannounced project called “Trove”.

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ATiElite1773d ago

I guess after raking in the CASH with Rift they must be ready to work on something New.

They do have Defiance, I haven't paid any attention to it in a long time

and End of Nations which went from MMORTS to a MOBA/RTS MMO hybrid.

zeal0us1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I dunno they spent more than 70million developing Defiance. Plus given EoN development woes and the game had to be rework. Trion closing up shop for Rift in other countries. All this can be costly.

On the other hand Rift went F2P drew in a lot of people and they just reported over 250k new players added thanks to Steam. Though the number will only do some good if these people subbing or buying items out of cash shop.

Hopefully ArcheAge will be upon us US&EU by early next year(Trion is the publisher for the US-EU version).

nikrel1773d ago

I have lost some faith in Trion after Defiance.

The content in Defiance is so weak.