Francis got his PlayStation 4 from Sid Shuman of Sony, was only allowed to keep it for 2 hours

Francis, who is known on YouTube by his username boogie2988, talked more about his recent PS4 experience. According to Francis, he was only able to keep the PS4 for 2 hours and faced no overheating of any sorts during his 2 hours of play time.


Francis commented on reddit that he had to follow a 'strict set of rules' on what he could and couldn't show so that Sony could 'maintain momentum'. The unit was taken back by Sid, it was needed for promo purpose elsewhere.

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Xsilver1776d ago

That would of been the Best 2 hours of my life.

ExitToExisT1776d ago

Maybe highlight of the day, but life? Come on..

HammadTheBeast1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


Take a Hyperbole bro.

shivvy241776d ago

I laughed when he threw his xbox to make room for ps4

sincitysir11776d ago

I like Francis because he hates on Sony and micro but also enjoys micro and Sony. Oh Nintendo too

hakeem09961776d ago

HOw is spending 2 hours with a console give you the right to talk about overheating ? Not even the old 360 would overheat in 2 hours .

BBBirdistheWord1776d ago

I had to laugh when he threw the PS4 controller.

Didn't take long for the ps4fanrage to take over... lol

falcon1776d ago


how about when he threw the 360??? lol

Black-Helghast1776d ago

@Consoldtobots Uh.. who gives a sh*t about our image? Don't let what others think get to you.

Baylex1776d ago

This guy is a little retarded.... poor women that's filming him... I bet it's hi's mother and he throws a game into her?? Hook it up?? Kill the lights?? Is she his bitc*?? cmon... this guys is really stupid...

x713hitsquad1776d ago

@Baylex. You do know this is just one of his characters right?

grahf1776d ago

/facepalm at everyone getting on Boogie's case for being fat (hes lost a lot of weight already... yes he was fatter), jumping to conclusions about the woman filming him (that is his WIFE), and not realizing Francis is a satirical CHARACTER and a raid boss of YouTube.

Boody-Bandit1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


Yeah I bet you're just a chiseled fine tuned well oiled machine. No one person defines a group. You will learn that when you grow up.

Than again I'm sure Francis doesn't give a sh*t what some attention seeking troll thinks of him since he is an online vet and use to ignorance like yours.

I am both jealous and yet feel sorry for Francis. Can you imagine having to give it back? They could've at least gave him one full day with it. Poor guy.

Than again 2 hours of gaming on next gen greatness = where the jealousy comes in on my part.

Is it known whether or not Francis had to sign any agreement not to post opinions and what he could or could not video?

The closer we get to the release date the longer the days drag by.

Gaming1011776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

It looks like the same thing happened to his gym membership... they also took it back within 2 hours.

VENOMACR12271776d ago

At least that treadmill in the back is getting used as a clothing hanger, exactly what it was designed for.

I know it's just a box but it looks pretty cheap especially with the plastic handle. The PS3 was boxed much better, but it's just a box so who cares I guess. Why would he throw the brand new PS4 controller? Didn't realize how thin the system is, impressive.

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Anarki1776d ago

Life? it's released in 5 days where he lives.

iceman061776d ago

Really...I could have sworn that I have been beta testing it for awhile now!?!?!? LOL

come_bom1776d ago

That was pretty cheap by Sony. Sony got free publicity and didn't even offer him the console. That's seriously f***ed up.

Deadpoolio1776d ago

Hey do me a favor remind me which company it is that had some consoles sent out early and then proceeded to ban those people till launch, after they went full retard and decided to make 100 different videos to upload on youtube?

gamer20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

It's obvious that they only let him keep it for 2 hours because they were worried that it would overheat and cause a PR disaster for them.

christrules00411776d ago

All of the PS4 heating problems are non existent according to developers. The only reason it did overheat was because it was in a box that was barely big enough to hold it and had no ventilation. No doubt it would overheat.

fenome1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


whomp, whomp, whomp

Why even waste your bubbles? Or better yet, why don't you put them to better use?

I don't care if you like the console or not. It affects me in no way at all whatsoever, but if you're gonna bag on it at least bring up something relevant. Is that all you got? Something that's confirmed as a rumor?

You wanna look at PR disasters, look on the other side of the fence. That'll keep you busy for HOURS.

How well would you breathe in something like this? Especially blowing hot air..


BBBirdistheWord1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

@ gamer2013

Hey man, be careful about insinuating that the ps4 overheats. That reaaally upsets the fanboys.

Just wait and see.

So far there has only been one confirmed report of a ps4 overheating in an enclosed space at a tradeshow.

If the ps4 actually does overheat in the real world (like it did at the tradeshow) we'll soon hear about it when gamers stick it in their enclosed TV cabinets and play it for a few hours.

In the meantime, it's best to leave the fanboys alone. They get so upset.

BOLO1776d ago

You mean like how M$FT un-boxed the Xbone a whole 3 months early?

tagan8tr1776d ago

@BBBirdistheWord spoken like a true fanboy

Apex131776d ago

@BBBirdistheWord you sound like a fanboy yourself from your comments dude.
And no I am not a sony fanboy but a gaming fanboy.

BBBirdistheWord1776d ago

@ ^^

Hey what's with the ad hominem attack?

It's no secret that the ps4 overheated in an enclosed space.

All I am saying is that some gamers will undoubtedly put their PS4s in enclosed TV cabinets.

We'll just need to wait and see if the rumour holds any water.

Sheesh. Touchy.

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Nocando1776d ago

And that is in no way depressing.

Xsilver1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

TO all are the People who took my comment seriously i don't know what to say \(O.O)/

deno1776d ago

Sad life you have, when a piece of plastic is all it takes.

Consoldtobots1776d ago

people who get mad at others for telling them to lose weight are misguided. You ARE NOT being given bad advice. Get off your high couch.

Ps4Console1776d ago

Please no one give Boogie a hard time because it's is act he his a very nice guy .

Fantangoooo1776d ago

he is huge.... i think he needs more exercise..

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ABeastNamedTariq1776d ago

2 hours more than me, lol. But come Friday... That bad boy is MINE!

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41776d ago

Haaa I saw first this by myseft when I watch this YouTube lol

sprinterboy1776d ago

Good publicity stunt from sony


You could tell the whole thing was fake.

SavageFlamingo1776d ago

Why does everyone feel the need to point out their "detective skills"

WeAreLegion1776d ago

Francis is a fake character.

aawells071776d ago

Oh really???????? No way, it cant be fake.

*captain obvious*

jackdaddy1776d ago

There is nothing fake about his size. What a gross, overweight waste of space that is.

TheFamous11776d ago

NO REALLY? It is mean to be fake bro.

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Me-Time1776d ago

hahaaaaaaa that blubbering moron. he wasn't even allowed to show footage obviously. I find that I despise him for exploiting... himself. Playing the caricature of a blob of "obnoxious, irritated, can't move, too lazy" sound.

GmIsOnPt3601776d ago

I'm confused what happened after 2 hours? Sony took back?

finbars751776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

It didn't say he had to give it back he probably was only given two hours to game online with it.he probably playing games on it right now just offline. Hes probably did the patch download and what not.

Hellsvacancy1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

He loved it that much he ate it nom nom

DarkLordMalik1776d ago

It wasn't his PS4. He gave it back. He says he will get one himself at launch. The PS4 belonged to Sony, even the address on the delivery box wasn't of Francis, just some random address.

Sony might have given this PS4 out of good will and to show that they don't really unjustly sue a YouTube channel just for posting a simple unboxing video.

Fireseed1776d ago

Yeah thankfully no company has gone that far yet. I know Sony sued a Youtuber a while back but that wasn't the Electronic Entertainment divisions.

And before anyone declares bs:

OhhWerd1776d ago

I cancelled my preorder today at gamestop, man never stunned so many people before in my life.

neocores1776d ago

Lol i glad you did to so i wont have to play online with a buzzz kill

OhhWerd1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Go call a waaaaaambulance.

C-H-E-F1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


wii-u,wii-u,wii-u,wii-u,wii-u ... it's too late, the xbox didn't make it...

OhhWerd1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Lol at all the disagrees

Don't get me wrong, I have all consoles, I've bought all the launch consoles for the last 15 years but nothing about the ps4 really wowed me enough to want to keep my preorder.

90% of my friends play on xbox. I never played multi on ps3, I mainly had it for the exclusive single player games and the blu ray player.

I'm sure once spring comes around I'll pick it up, but pointless to me to spend around 500 on a console I'll only use rarely. Just wait for its price to drop and then I'll get it. Maybe.

secretcode1776d ago


HammadTheBeast1776d ago

Disagree's mean that people disagree with you cancelling your pre-order.

They don't matter.

Have fun on Xbox tho, I support someone who games on a console with friends. That's what its for, in the end.

PixelNinja1776d ago

Props to you for giving a good explained reason, alas this is N4G, you'll get disagrees for saying anything that is not positive about sony.

Lwhit61776d ago

I Love how people on this site feel the need to justify what they said for all the disagrees. Just say what you want and then ignore what other people think/say

Utalkin2me1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


Sorry im a leader not a follower. So that obviously explains were you are in your group.

And you felt compelled to explain all the disagrees, roflmao. Joined 85 days ago, roflmao

VENOMACR12271776d ago


Who cares if he joined today or 3 years ago? That makes you laugh? Makes you sound pathetic actually. The guy was explaining why he's not buying it since the majority of people on this site harass other people anyways. Look at the posts right after he said he was cancelling.

I'm same boat as him, except In keeping my X1 preorder. I used my PS3 for single player games, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, etc and used the 360 for Battlefield, ghost recon, sports, mostly online games.

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pacostacos1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

i canceled mine last week, just no good games to justify me getting at lauch especially after driveclub got pushed back ill wait till 2014

sAVAge_bEaST1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Yea, guys,, I cancelled mine to.. just way to Much "try" by Rep.Mgmt. KnawWhatImean?


joeorc1776d ago


"Yea, guys,, I cancelled mine to.. just way to Much "try" by Rep.Mgmt. KnawWhatImean? "

Gotta love the


OlgerO1776d ago

Yeah they are in such demand that you could probably have sold it for 1000 dollars. they must have been like is this guy for real!

OhhWerd1776d ago

Lol who cares when I joined, your post just shows the quality of your comments. So people can't lurk? All hail utalkin2me, king of n4g

Lol I felt compelled. Sorry thought this is a discussion place, someone sounds puss hurt.

JackBNimble1776d ago

you've been on this site for 85 days and have 95 comments, does that sound like someone who lurks? I didn't think so.

Nobody gives a shit what you do, but we all know bullshit when we hear it or read it. But keep fanning the flames boy.

Utalkin2me1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )


The sad part is you felt compelled to post on here to let everyone know. Lets me see the reaction your looking for "OMG i can t believe you did that, Are you f'n stupid" Is that what you was looking for? Good, now goodbye.

gamer20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

You feeling hurt?